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  1. Adroit
    (ADJ) quickly skillful or clever
  2. Aficionado
    (noun)- An enthusiastic fan, admirer, or follower
  3. Altruistic
    (adj) dedicated to the good of others, unselfish
  4. Capricious
    (adj) unpredictable, changeable, not based on reason or judgement, impulsive
  5. Cosmopolitan
    (adj) from several parts of the world ; international
  6. disdain
    (verb, noun) To scorn, to treat as unworthy
  7. Fraternal
    (adj) refering to the brothers, very friendly
  8. Gullible
    (adj) easily deceived, easily cheated
  9. hypocritical
    (adj) giving a false appearance of virtue, not sincere
  10. intrepid
    (adj) fearless, brave
  11. Melancholy
    (noun, Adj) deep sadness, depression, gloom
  12. venerable
    (adj) worthy of great respect because of dignity or age
  13. affluent
    (adj) rich, prosperous
  14. Alien
    (adj) strage, foregin
  15. astute
    (adj) having excellent judgement, shrewd
  16. candid
    (adj) truthful, frank, honest in giving opinons
  17. cordial
    (adj) warm and sincere, friendly
  18. dogmatic
    (Adj) arrogant in belief, opinionated
  19. exuberant
    (adj) very enthusiastic, joyfully energetic
  20. frivolous
    (adj) unimportant, not worthy of serious attention
  21. frugal
    (adj) thrifty, economical, attempting to save money, not giving freely
  22. gauche
    (adj) awkward lacking in social graces and manners
  23. Stoic
    (Adj) not showing the effects of pain or pleasure
  24. accord
    (noun,verb) agreement, harmony
  25. appease
    (verb) to satisfy or calm, to achieve peace or satisfy by giving in to demands
  26. attritition
    (noun)- slowly wearing down, wearing away
  27. bureaucracy
    (noun) adminstration by employees who follows fixed rules and complex prodcedures
  28. cartel
    (noun) a combination of independent suppliers or manufacturers forms to control prices
  29. catastrophe
    (noun) a great diastaer
  30. corroborate
    (verb) to confirm, to make more certain
  31. diplomacy
    (noun) offical international relations, skill in dealing with people without causing anger or embarrassment.
  32. entrepreneur
    (noun) a person who organizes, runs, and assumes the risk of a business
  33. intervene
    (verb) to interfere, to act in a matter involving others
  34. ominous
    (adj) warning of bad things, threatening evil
  35. Apprehend
    (verb) to arrest or take a criminal into custody, to understand mentally, to grasp
  36. Chaos
    (noun) a state of total disorder or confusion
  37. defer
    (verb) to delay, to show respect, to submit to the wishes of another
  38. epitome
    (noun) a defining example, the best example, a symbol
  39. hegemony
    (noun) dominance of one country, region, or group over other
  40. pacify
    (verb) to calm, to establish peace
  41. supplant
    (verb) to replace
  42. Thrive
    (verb) to grow strong, to do well
  43. radical
    (adjective, noun) favoring great change, extreme(adj) a person favoring great change(nouns)
  44. liberal
    (adj, noun) favoring gradual progress and reform. Favoring liberty, tolerant
  45. conservative
    (Adj) favoring traditional beliefs and actions, traditional
  46. reactionary
    (adj, noun) opposing progress in an extreme way
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