Criminology Exam 3

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  1. Type pf pedophole- never moves beyond the attraction he or she felt for children when they were a child.
    Fixated Pedophile
  2. Type of pedophile- turns to children because of some stressor.
    Regressed Pedophile
  3. Type of pedophile- ritual connection between fatal sexual violence and personal gratification, probably psychopathic.
    Mysoped pedophile
  4. Only about ____% of child abuse cases are ever substantiated.
  5. Types of terrorism- wants to replace existing government.
    revolutionary terrorist
  6. Type of terrorism- directed at people who oppse their ideology.
    political terrorist
  7. Type of terrorism- promotes intrests of a minority group.
    nationalistic terrorist
  8. Type of terrorism- violence by those espousing a particular cause.
    Cause-based terrorist
  9. Type of terrorism- government uses terror to force citizens into obidience
    state sponsored terrorist
  10. ____________ ___________ suggests that the criminal justice system actually produces crime.
    labeling theory
  11. ________-__________ _____________ is the idea that as minority populations increase relative to white populations, they will be viewed as a threat and punishment measures for crime will increase
    racial- threat hypothesis
  12. ________ _______ was the first criminologist to feature a conflict perspective of crime.
    George Vold
  13. Another name for the Italian mafia?
    LaCosta Nostra
  14. ______ has seen the greatest decline in the last decade.
  15. Assualt without a weapon?
    simple assualt
  16. Preventing crime through prosocial values?
    social learning
  17. ______ __________ believed that crime and deviance are functional for society.
    Emile Durkheim
  18. ______ and ____________ believed that imprisonment serves an important role in capitalism by regulating the surplus labor market.
    Rushe and Kirchheimer
  19. Idea that things such as offense seriousness and recidivism play a role in criminal justice decision making.
    legal factors
  20. Most _______ are committed by strangers.
  21. Strain theory guy?
    Robert Merton
  22. Forgein criminals imported the crime values and family structure of their homeland to help them control criminal activities.
    Alien conspiracy model
  23. Criminal bodies are independent of one another, local entities that develop because of the particular local cultural circumstaces.
    local, ethnic model
  24. According to _______ _________, individuals who are married would be less likely to commit crimes.
    control theory
  25. Netter has ____ shared characteristics if terrorists.
  26. Detailed and descriptive life histoies of criminals
    case studies
  27. A framework and theoretical construct that is used to describe and compare different forms of criminal behavior.
  28. Identified by Sykes and Matza, common excuses for criminal behavior, they neutralize guilt associated with criminal behavior.
    techniques of neutralization
  29. ________ _________ coined the term lumpenproletariat to refer to the unemployed, etc. in society.
    Karl Marx
  30. belief that the law is a result of a battle between groups with different levels of power in society.
    conflict model
  31. Ideas that law and the criminal justice systems are merely tools for the ruling class to maintain power and control.
    instrumental marixism
  32. Variation in residential mobility accounts for the variation in ________ ________ across regions of the U.S.
    property crimes
  33. The most commonly forged documents are __________.
  34. Juveniles account for approximately ____% of all burglaries.
  35. ___% of all shoplifters ever face prosecution.
  36. In terms of demographics, most arsons are committed by _________ _______.
    juvenile males
  37. Most victims of burglary have incomes under $________.
  38. An __________ _____________ steals to satisfy a specific need, such as hunger.
    episodic shopifter
  39. Property crimes account for ___% of total crimes committed in the U.S.
  40. Most women who are arrested are arrested for________.
  41. Rates of hate crimes have ______ _________ ________ ________ over the last several years.
    stayed about the same
  42. Hate crimes have been highest in states that _______ ____ _________.
    identify as liberal
  43. Neither _________ nor ____________ are effective in rehabilitating pedophiles.
    counseling nor registration
  44. Drug crime results when junkies commit a crime ti get their next fix.
    Economic compulsive model
  45. The _________ _________ _________ ______ launched the War on Drugs.
    Comprehensive Crime Control Act
  46. Violence that cocaine dealers routinely engage in against each other in attempt to control the drug market.
  47. Idea that some violent crimes are committed as a result of the patterns of drug use and distribution.
    systemic model
  48. ________ is a drug that has seen an increase in use among young people.
  49. On average, every dollar spent on drug treatments results in $_____ in crime related savings.
  50. ___% of households have been victims of white collar crime in a given year.
  51. Illegal acts by corporate officials to benefit the corporation.
    corporate crime
  52. Oaths and norms that govern behavior within organized crime families.
    mafia codes
  53. Criminal activity conducted by any group with some manner of formalized structure that seeks to get money through illegal means.
    organized crime
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