Idiomatic phrases

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  1. to be in the dark
    estar a oscuras
  2. to be in agreement
    estar de auerdo
  3. to be in a good (bad) mood
    estar de buen (mal) humor
  4. to do a headstand
    estar de cabeza
  5. to be facing away
    estar de espaldas
  6. to be facing forward
    estar de frente
  7. to be incognito
    estar de incognito
  8. to be sideways
    estar de lado
  9. to be fashionable
    estar de moda
  10. to be standing
    estar de pie
  11. to be in a hurry
    estar de prisa
  12. to be back
    estar de regreso
  13. to be kneeling
    estar de rodillas
  14. to be on vacation
    estar de vacaciones
  15. to be traveling, on a trip
    estar de viaje
  16. to be return
    estar de vuelta
  17. to be pregnant
    estar en estado
  18. to be ready
    estar listo
  19. to be about to
    estar para
  20. to be in favor of
    estar por

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Idiomatic phrases
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Idiomatic phrases

Idiomatic phrases
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