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  1. What is the genome?
    it is composed of DNA and is our hereditary code.
  2. What is InstaGene matrix?
    It is a matrix made up of negatively charged microscopic beads that pull metal ions out of the solution.
  3. What do cofactors do?
    An ion that is needed for enzymatic activity.
  4. What are DNases used for?
    They are used by cells to digest the DNA of invading viruses.

    They can digest released DNA.
  5. Denature
    • 94 degrees C
    • Separating the double-stranded template into two single strands. The heat is used because in this case there is no helicase to open them.
  6. Anneal
    • 60 degrees C
    • This temperature allows the reaction too cool so that the primers and template can bind together.
  7. Extend
    • 72 degrees C
    • The DNA polymerase catalyzes and creates more strands of DNA.
  8. What applications can PCR Amplification be used for?
    To identify individuals of a crime scene, to detect diseases, used for biological research, to look at sequences of genes, etc.
  9. What is PCR?
    Polymerase Chain Reaction.

    It is a technique takes only a small trace of DNA and makes multiple copies of it to be amplified and observed.
  10. What components are needed for PCR Amplification?
    • DNA template
    • DNA polymerase
    • A cofactor
    • Primers
    • Salt
  11. What is thermal cycling?
    The rapid heating and cooling of a thermal block.
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