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  1. 3-6 babies in ________ are born with some degree of hearing loss.
  2. Approximately _____ of children who are deaf have hearing parents.
  3. The greatest impact of hearing loss is on ____________.
  4. The child's development is impacted by:
    • - Degree/ type of hearing loss
    • - Sensory disabilities and or associated neurological disorders
    • - Environmental factors
    • - SES
  5. Just because a child has auditory access does NOT guarantee that he will learn to speak and understand spoken language.

    T or F
  6. ___________ development appears to have a much shorter sensitive period than for ________ development.
    Language, speech
  7. Languages and Modes of Communication
    • Gesture
    • American Sign Language
    • Pidgin Sign English
    • Manually Codded English
    • Spoken English
  8. A _____ is a manually encoded symbol to represent a word or concept.
  9. American Sign Language is a complete language that has no ______ component.
  10. ___________ are the first stage of sign development.
  11. _______ is not a visual representation of english.
  12. American Sign Language (ASL) is
    A language in its own right, with its own grammatical structure and linguisitc principles.

    - capable of expressing abstract thoughts and concepts.
  13. an educational philosophy that involves simultaneously speaking and signing.
    total communication

    Encourages the use of hearing aids, FM, or cochlear implant.
  14. Speaking and signing at the same time is called
    Simultaneous communication

    • - uses a manually coded Engilsh system
    • - also known as Sim Com
  15. The most complete respresentation of English is?
    Signing Exact English

    • 70% of signs borrowed from ASL
    • -utilizes the 2/3 rule
  16. Four basic skills of effective Sim Com use:
    • Sign all that you say
    • Speak while you sign
    • Integrate auditory stimulation in addition to speech
    • Use consistently
  17. A system that uses 46 written symbols and hand movements representing each letter of the alphabet and associated phonemes.
    Visual Phonics
  18. Benefits of visual phonics.
    • Speech
    • Phonics
    • Reading
    • Listening
    • Lipreading
  19. The belief that effective educational environments can be designed to facilitate and maximize a child's language and communication skills in both sign language and spoken lanaguage, and that these approaches can work harmoniously to support a child's overall language, cognitive, social and academic development is called
    To Sign
  20. The belief that sign language significantly reduces the amount and consistency of spoken language stimulation for the child, promoting dependency on visual communication and causing further delay in spoken language development.
    Not to Sign
  21. Deaf parents start signing to their babies at ___________.
  22. These babies often use their first signs at 7-10 months and are putting 2-3 signs together in ____ months.
  23. Benefits in signing to babies:
    • 1. Reduces frustration
    • 2. Strengthens parent-infant bond
    • 3. Makes learning to talk easier
    • 4. Stimulates intellectual development
    • 5. Enhances infant self-esteem
    • 6. Provides a window into the baby's world
  24. Choice of Approach
    • - there is not "one size fits all"
    • - should not be frustrating to the child
    • - should make language fully accessible to the child.
  25. Language should enable a child to:
    • Participate in worlds of imagination, make believe and abstract thought.
    • - indicate what he or she wants
    • - have influence on the events or people in the environment
    • - Partipate freely in social exchanges
    • - Express feeling, interests, and intentions
    • - Ask questions
    • - obtain information
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