vascular disorders

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  1. Intermittent claudication
    inability of the arterial system to provide adequate blood flow to the tissues
  2. differences between arterial and venous pain
    • venous more crampy
    • Arterial sharp
  3. Pulses (Arterial and Venous)
    • Arterial- diminished or absent
    • Venous- present but may be difficult to palpate through edema
  4. Skin characteristics - Arterial
    • Arterial- dependent rubor
    • dry shiny skin
    • cool to cold temp
    • loss of hair over toes amd dorsum of foot
    • nails thickened and ridged
  5. skin characteristics - Venous
    • pigmetn in gaiter area (medial and lateral malleolus)
    • skin thickened and tough
    • may be reddish blue
    • frequently associated with dermatitis
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vascular disorders
vascular disorders and problems with peripheral circulation
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