Chapter 3 Review Q's

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  1. True or False: Sample based tracks will conform to tempo and meter change?
  2. An instrument track is basically what? What 2 tracks combined?
    an Aux and Midi
  3. What is Pro Tools default Tempo?
    120 BPM
  4. What is Pro tools default meter?
  5. What menu are the time and tempo operations under?
  6. True or False: The F11 key is used to turn Midi merge on or off?
    False: its used for Midi wait for note
  7. How can the click/count off options be accessed?
    By double clicking the the metronome Icon in the Mide control Bar

    Cert: From the setup menu
  8. What Midi track view allows Midi data to be edited similar to adio files?
    Region view
  9. What quantize option allow for alignment to the grid while data is being input?
    Input quantize
  10. Since version 7 what is typically the only track needed for working with virtual instruments?
    an instrument track
  11. The Tab key moves the playlist how?
    Cert: By region boundary
  12. Tab to transients moves through the playlist how?
    by attack transients
  13. Option as a modifier typically does what?
    Opposite or all
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