Sectoral Quiz 3

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  1. define currrent
    the movement of electrical charge
  2. define resistance
    opposition to current flow
  3. define voltage
    a measure of electrical force
  4. define grounding
    a conductive connection to the earth which acts as a protective measure
  5. What are the three direct electrical injuries?
    • electrocution or death due to electrical shock
    • electrical shock
    • burns
  6. What are 2 indirect electrical injuries?
    • falls
    • fires
  7. In what situation can a bird get shocked?
    When their wing span is large enough that they make contact with two lines (they fluctuate in voltage)
  8. A/C current is
    • supplied by generators
    • distributed by above or underground power lines for end use in home, commercial and industrial application
  9. DC current
    • supplied by batteries
    • batteries, UPS, vehicles are DC
  10. Why does electricity travel?
    There is a voltage difference between source (120 volts and return (0 volts/ground)
  11. What is VAC?
    ____ volts alternating current
  12. Severity of shock is dependent on:
    • path of current through the body
    • amount of current flowing through the body (amps)
    • Duration of shocking current through the body
  13. What is the relationship between voltage, current and resistance
  14. these happen at what electrical currents?
    death from Ventricular fibrillation if current pathway goes through heart & breathing difficulty due to muscular contraction
    50-100 mA
  15. At what current level can a person experience painful shock and be unable to let go of wire
    15-20 mA
  16. Fust is rated by what measure?
    The amount of current. Ampres.
  17. Is grounding used for personal safety or machine integrity?
    Groundings primary use is to prevent damage to facility and equipment
  18. The Arc fault circuit interrupter works by...
    by switches opening when the difference between the two currents (live and neutral) becomes too great
  19. T/F - Switch and fuses primary purpose is to protect the people
    False. Protect the machines
  20. Inspecting voltage rated gloves in field requires:
    • visual inspection
    • inflation
    • reverse glove and repeat
    • Note: store in appropraite glove bag
  21. Arc Flash/Blash occurs when...
    Energized source comes in contact with a grounded source creating an unexpected release of energy in the form of noise and pressure
  22. Training for individuals dealing with electrical equipment must include:
    • safe work practices
    • isolation of electrical sources
    • test equipment
    • tools & PPE
  23. Define watts:
    quantity of electricity consumed. W = V x I
  24. Define lockout:
    procedure that prevents the release of hazardous energy
  25. Define tagging:
    Tells others that the device is locked out, who has locked it out and why
  26. Good Rule: Safegaurds are needed when...
    any machine part, function or process may cause injury
  27. Major causes of machine accidents:
    • reaching to clear equipment
    • not using LO/TO
    • unauthorized person doing maintenance or operating
    • missing or loose machine guards
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