chap 6

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  1. fruit
    • unique to angiosperms
    • fruit encloses and protects seeds
    • aids in dispersal of seeds
    • significant food source
  2. paricarp
    • ovary wall
    • 3 layers
    • -xocarp
    • -mesocarp
    • -endocarp
  3. simple fruits
    derived from ovary of a single carpel or severl fused carpals
  4. dry dehiscent fruits
    • pericarp tough or woody, thin or papery
    • open at maturity
    • contain more than one seed
    • seed dispersed individually
    • legumes, capsules
  5. dry indehiscent fruits
    • do not split open, use other means (squirrels, birds) to open the seeds
    • grains, nuts
  6. aggregate fruits
    develop from a single flower with many seperate carpals
  7. multiple fruits
    fused ovaries from seperate flowers
  8. accessory fruit
    develops from non reproductive tissue
  9. seeds develop from a fertilized ___, contian the ___
    ovule, embryo
  10. monocot seeds
    • single cotyledon, thin and small
    • large quantities of endosperm
  11. dicot seeds
    • 2 cotyledons enclose embryo
    • cotyledons large and fleshy, contain nutriunts from endosperm
  12. parts of dicot seeds
    • testa-seed coat, encloses seed
    • hilum-scar from attachment to ovary wall
    • microphyle-opening of integument where pollen tube enters ovule
    • radicle-root tip
    • epigeal germination
  13. monocot seed parts
    • scutellum-single cotyledon
    • coleoptile-protective sheath around shoot
    • coleorhiza-protects radicle
    • hypogeal germination
  14. germination and development
    • moisture, oxygen, temp
    • radicle first to emerge, primary root
    • shoot then emerges, primary shoot
    • chlorophyll develops, embryonic leaves begin to grow
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