Sona radicals and particles

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Sona radicals and particles
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sona language radical radicals particle particles auxiliary international vocab vocabulary

This file contains all the radicals and particles of the International Auxiliary Language called Sona. The language is a priori, as its inventor did not agree with the so-called IAL's for everyone, such as Esperanto or Novial, which were inherently euro-centric. Especially in recent times, where Asian countries such as China and India are starting to overshadow the Western world, such euro-centricity seems intolerable. For more information, check the book, which can be found <a href="">online</a>, or just the <a href="">wikipedia-page</a> ;) Radicals with n. are considered intrinsically substantival and those with v. are intrinsically verbal. The letter p. signifies that the radical used in its isolated form is used as a particle. Indicators have an asterisk attached.
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  1. ga*
    n. physical; organic.
  2. gan
    n. matter; substance.
  3. aga
    n. earth; ground; land.
  4. iga
    n. salt; alkali; soda.
  5. uga
    n. grain; seed.
  6. ge*
    p. and; join; chain; link.
  7. gen
    n. compound; mix; blend.
  8. age
    v. meet; contact.
  9. ige
    v. cohere; stick; cling.
  10. uge
    n. comulus; pile; heap.
  11. gi*
    n. collect; gather; group.
  12. gin
    n. texture; weave; net; web.
  13. agi
    n. compress; dense; thick.
  14. igi
    v. mix; confuse; puzzle.
  15. ugi
    n. tangle; bush; cluster.
  16. go
    n. circle; round; wind; roll.
  17. gon
    n. sphere; ball; round.
  18. ago
    n. curve; bend; arc.
  19. igo
    n. convex; round; cheek.
  20. ugo
    v. fold; bind; wrap; clasp.
  21. gu
    n. mouth; gap; gulf; gulp.
  22. gun
    n. angle; corner; fork.
  23. agu
    n. slope; lean; tilt; trend.
  24. igu
    n. cone; horn; wedge.
  25. ugu
    n. hook; claw; catch.
  26. da*
    v. do; act; p. to (+infinitive).
  27. dan
    n. value; money; price.
  28. ada
    n. work; function; make.
  29. ida
    v. direct; office; minister.
  30. uda
    n. law; justice; code.
  31. de
    p. through; hole; pierce.
  32. den
    n. tooth; bite; plough; dig.
  33. ade
    n. hollow; cave; cup; scoop.
  34. ide
    n. notch; dent; crack.
  35. ude
    v. break; rend; burst.
  36. di*
    p. of; part; limb.
  37. din
    n. party; sect; creed.
  38. adi
    n. portion; share; lot.
  39. idi
    v. scatter; sow; spray.
  40. udi
    v. mangle; wound; tear.
  41. do
    n. two; both; bi-.
  42. don
    n. give; grant; issue.
  43. ado
    v. add; affix; sum.
  44. ido
    v. advise; prompt; urge.
  45. udo
    v. pay; reward; atone.
  46. du
    n. wood; nut; hard.
  47. dun
    n. horn; shell; crust.
  48. adu
    n. bone; thin; skeleton.
  49. idu
    n. brittle; snap; rotten.
  50. udu
    n. thump; thud; drum.
  51. za
    p. back; rear; ago.
  52. zan*
    n. woman; female.
  53. aza
    v. delay; slow; late; lazy.
  54. iza
    n. pause; hoever; hesitate.
  55. uza
    v. yield; give up; submit.
  56. ze
    n. evil; sin; ugly.
  57. zen
    n. ill; sick; disease.
  58. aze
    v. acuse; blame.
  59. ize
    n. clumsy; stupid; blunder.
  60. uze
    n. harm; hurt; corrupt.
  61. zi
    n. real; fact; positive; be.
  62. zin
    v. live; life; vital.
  63. azi
    n. vigour; active; vivid.
  64. izi
    n. ease; simple; light.
  65. uzi
    v. stir; wake; inspire.
  66. zo
    n. fire; burn; light.
  67. zon
    n. poison; infect.
  68. azo
    n. acid; bitter; sarcasm.
  69. izo
    n. pain; hurt; ache.
  70. uzo
    n. spasm; cramp; writhe.
  71. zu
    n. animal; brutal; fierce.
  72. zun
    n. seven; heptarchy.
  73. azu
    n. storm; fury; violent.
  74. izu
    n. rough; crude; raw.
  75. uzu
    n. wild; random; chaos.
  76. ma
    n. place; put; local.
  77. na*
    p. not; no; nor; deny.
  78. man
    v. stray; wait; remain; rest.
  79. nan
    p. although; ignore.
  80. ama
    p. instead; proxy; vice-.
  81. ana
    p. aganist; hostile; oppose.
  82. ima
    v. have; belong; get.
  83. ina
    v. cancel; destroy; wipe.
  84. uma
    n. mother; nation; home.
  85. una
    n. sole; only; isolate.
  86. me
    v. think; mind; idea.
  87. ne*
    p. from; leave; absent; rob.
  88. men
    n. measure; size; month.
  89. nen
    p. except; omit; skip.
  90. ame
    v. regard; note; observe.
  91. ane
    v. avoid; shun; flee.
  92. ime
    • n. belief; opinion; convince.
    • ine
    • v. seep; latent; numb.
  93. ume
    n. reason; rational; logic.
  94. une
    n. reserve; shy; retire.
  95. mi
    n. I; me; my.
  96. ni*
    v. suffer; undergo; able.
  97. min
    p. in; middle; interior.
  98. nin
    n. product; child; result.
  99. ami
    n. mean; modify; normal.
  100. ani
    p. under; fall; low; down.
  101. imi
    p. among; between; hiatus.
  102. ini
    n. quiet; peace; soothe.
  103. umi
    n. centre; heart; focus.
  104. uni
    v. depend; hang; liable.
  105. mo
    n. fruit; bulb; nipple.
  106. no
    v. carry; vehicle.
  107. mon
    n. profit; gain; reap.
  108. non
    v. invert; reverse.
  109. amo
    n. climax; acme; summit.
  110. ano
    p. across; span; transfer.
  111. imo
    v. suck; pump; digest.
  112. ino
    n. new; mend; convert.
  113. umo
    n. breast; milk; suckle.
  114. uno
    n. cross; check; squint.
  115. mu
    n. hair; fur; wool; brown.
  116. nu
    v. change; turn; or.
  117. mun
    n. soft; pile; cushion.
  118. nun
    n. nine.
  119. amu
    n. pliant; supple; flex.
  120. anu
    v. upset; revolt; disturb.
  121. imu
    n. smooth; mild; gentle.
  122. inu
    n. other; vary; differ.
  123. umu
    n. bear; bore; grumpy.
  124. unu
    n. contrast; judge.
  125. ba*
    v. strike; military; weapon.
  126. pa
    v. eat; nourish; bread.
  127. ban
    v. contest; fight; match.
  128. pan*
    n. all; complete; fill.
  129. aba
    v. punish; penal; avenge.
  130. apa
    n. supply; store; (furnish); equip
  131. iba
    n. stubborn; persist; try.
  132. ipa
    p. enough; suffice; cofort.
  133. uba
    v. forbid; deny; ban; tabu.
  134. upa
    v. cram; stuff; choke; boil.
  135. be
    p. without; strip; poor; (undo).
  136. pe
    n. foot; leg; walk; kick.
  137. ben
    n. clean; bathe; polish.
  138. pen
    n. five; pentagon.
  139. abe
    n. clear; pale; fair; flax.
  140. ape
    n. reptile with legs; creep.
  141. ibe
    v. spend; waste; drain.
  142. ipe
    n. reptile; sinuous; crawl.
  143. ube
    n. empty; void; vacate.
  144. upe
    v. jump; spring; skip; hop.
  145. bi*
    p. by; use; tool.
  146. pi
    n. bird; fly; aviation.
  147. bin
    n. utensil.
  148. pin
    n. feather; fringe; flimsy.
  149. abi
    n. habit; mode; custom.
  150. api
    n. insect with wings.
  151. ibi
    n. trade; commerce.
  152. ipi
    n. insect; vermin.
  153. ubi
    v. serve; tend; attend.
  154. upi
    n. buoyant; float; swim.
  155. bo
    n. flesh; blood; german.
  156. po*
    p. on, by; cover; dress.
  157. bon
    n. plenty; wealth; bounty.
  158. pon
    v. weigh; heavy; load.
  159. abo
    n. antelope; buck.
  160. apo
    p. on; impose; ride; tax.
  161. ibo
    n. cattle; buffalo.
  162. ipo
    n. overlay; veneer; coat.
  163. ubo
    n. sheep; goat.
  164. upo
    n. shield; defend; shelter.
  165. bu
    n. smell; fume; smoke; kiss.
  166. pu
    n. filth; foul; dirt; soil.
  167. bun
    n. taste; savour.
  168. pun
    n. decay; pus; rot; rust.
  169. abu
    v. love; desire; dear.
  170. apu
    n. obscene; lewd; desire.
  171. ibu
    n. choice; pick; critic.
  172. ipu
    n. disgust; loathe; shame.
  173. ubu
    n. greed; covet; yearn; lust.
  174. upu
    n. swine; pig, pork.
  175. la
    v. say; tongue; voice.
  176. ra*
    n. man; male.
  177. lan
    n. sound; play; music.
  178. ran
    n. king; rule; royal.
  179. ala
    v. praise; hail; cheer.
  180. ara
    n. master; tame; tyrant.
  181. ila
    n. bell; ring; jangle.
  182. ira
    n. strength; fort; muscle.
  183. ula
    v. sing; recite; howl; choir.
  184. ura
    n. force; drive; electric.
  185. le
    v. write; design; letter.
  186. re
    n. straight; line; long.
  187. len
    n. document; book; read.
  188. ren
    n. cord; tense; thin.
  189. ale
    n. sign; mean; flag; crest.
  190. are
    n. order; arrange; series.
  191. ile
    n. trace; mark; print.
  192. ire
    p. again; recur; continue.
  193. ule
    n. stain; blot; spot.
  194. ure
    n. right; regular; correct.
  195. li*
    p. to; direct; point.
  196. ri*
    n. time; while.
  197. lin
    n. edge; outline; profile.
  198. rin
    n. rhythm; pulse; metre.
  199. ali
    n. side; wing; flank.
  200. ari
    v. reach; gain; come.
  201. ili
    p. near; about; approx.
  202. iri
    n. recoil; react; spring.
  203. uli
    n. close; proximate; intimate.
  204. uri
    n. season; suit; opportune.
  205. lo
    v. open; free; undo.
  206. ro
    n. colour; dye; paint.
  207. lon
    n. loan; let; lend; hire.
  208. ron
    n. tone; tune; shade; mood.
  209. alo
    v. allow; leave; ticket.
  210. aro
    n. beauty; adorn; fair.
  211. ilo
    n. loose; hang; relax.
  212. iro
    n. light; shine; lamp.
  213. ulo
    n. oil; grease; flatter.
  214. uro
    n. gold; glory; splendour.
  215. lu
    v. play; game; amuse.
  216. ru*
    v. go; move; mobile.
  217. lun
    n. absurd; trivial; vain.
  218. run
    n. machine; apparatus.
  219. alu
    v. invite; host; guest.
  220. aru
    v. draw; pull; charm.
  221. ilu
    n. jest; laugh; merry.
  222. iru
    v. vibrate; shake; thrill.
  223. ulu
    n. monkey; mischief.
  224. uru
    v. swing; sway; wag; flux.
  225. ja
    v. rub; scratch; jerk; rough.
  226. ca
    n. four; square; rectangle.
  227. jan
    v. gnaw; grind; chew; rodent.
  228. can
    n. box; cell; case; room.
  229. je
    n. stone; hard; stiff; stern.
  230. ce
    v. fix; secure; support.
  231. jen
    n. metal; courage; coin.
  232. cen
    v. stop; shut; bar; gate.
  233. ji*
    n. person; human; private.
  234. ci*
    n. which; refer; some.
  235. jin
    n. spirit; soul; ghost; fairy.
  236. cin
    n. grade; scale; step.
  237. jo
    n. God; idol; ideal; sacred.
  238. co
    v. cut; kill; knife.
  239. jon
    n. magic; spell; occult.
  240. con
    n. crush; dust; powder.
  241. ju
    n. delight; happy; toy; glad.
  242. cu
    v. wish; want; hope.
  243. jun
    n. young; fresh; junior.
  244. cun
    n. whim; caprice.
  245. ha*
    n. name; call; address; Of
  246. xa
    n. merit; good; nice.
  247. han
    n. title; honour; noble.
  248. xan
    n. thanks; thank; gratis.
  249. he*
    n. any; general; public.
  250. xe
    n. feline; cat; sly.
  251. hen
    n. common; vulgar; cheap.
  252. xen
    n. canine; dog.
  253. hi
    n. class; category.
  254. xi
    n. six; hexagonal.
  255. hin
    p. after; follow; sequence.
  256. xin
    n. gloss; glaze; sheen.
  257. ho
    n. special; define.
  258. xo
    v. show; evident; witness.
  259. hon
    n. genuine; honest; rely.
  260. xon
    n. pomp; ceremony; flaunt.
  261. hu
    n. air; breath; wind; weather.
  262. xu
    n. sweet; sugar; fragrant.
  263. hun
    n. gas; vapour; melt.
  264. xun
    n. guile; cunning; diplomacy.
  265. va
    n. front; face; ahead.
  266. fa
    n. chance; luck; risk; perhaps.
  267. van
    v. hide; mask; shade; night.
  268. fan
    n. fancy; myth; pretend.
  269. ve
    n. vegetable; herb green.
  270. fe
    n. false; cheat; trap; spurious.
  271. ven
    n. cereal; crops; corn.
  272. fen
    n. defect; fault; wrong.
  273. vi
    n. nature; quality; kind.
  274. fi*
    v. fail; miss; slip; hardly.
  275. vin
    n. essence; cream; wine.
  276. fin
    n. feeble; weak; faint.
  277. vo
    v. grieve; weep; woe; sorry.
  278. fo
    v. fear; alarm; danger.
  279. von
    v. pity; spare; mercy.
  280. fon
    n. loud; noise; roar.
  281. vu
    n. vague; wanter; stray.
  282. fu
    p. out; exterior; foreign.
  283. vun
    v. twist; coil; curl; screw.
  284. fun
    n. odd; strange; peculiar.
  285. a*
    p. at; fixed place (sf.).
  286. e*
    n. many; frequent; plural.
  287. i*
    p. while; when (sf.).
  288. o*
    p. honorific; quality (sf.).
  289. u*
    p. how; manner (sf.).
  290. an
    n. she; her.
  291. en*
    n. it; its; the.
  292. in*
    n. this; the latter.
  293. on
    n. he; him; his.
  294. un*
    n. that; the former.
  295. ua
    p. for; as for; c. that.
  296. ue
    p. ought; duty; oblige.
  297. ui
    p. yes; assent.
  298. uo
    p. must; necessity.
  299. au
    p. but; alternative.
  300. ka*
    v. lead; cause; chief.
  301. kan
    n. house; build; construct.
  302. aka
    p. above; high; up; raise.
  303. ika
    n. point; sharp; prick; p. just.
  304. uka
    n. vertical; stand up.
  305. ke*
    p. what?; query; ask.
  306. ken
    p. if; doubt; suspect.
  307. ake
    v. request; propose; offer.
  308. ike
    v. suggest; guess; hint; suppose.
  309. uke
    v. seek; hunt; quest; search.
  310. ki*
    n. start; begin; ready; prepare.
  311. kin
    n. origin; root; cause.
  312. aki
    n. speed; quick; hasten.
  313. iki
    n. sudden; shock; flash.
  314. uki
    v. develop; train; culture.
  315. ko*
    n. small; few; less; child.
  316. kon
    n. minute; atom; germ; speck.
  317. ako
    n. short; brief; clip; shrink.
  318. iko
    n. narrow; thin; squeeze.
  319. uko
    n. frail; slender; delicate; fine.
  320. ku
    v. lie; supine; bed; lay.
  321. kun
    n. base; seat; sit.
  322. aku
    n. surface; skim; slip; slide.
  323. iku
    n. flat; level; horizon.
  324. uku
    n. layer; shave; slice; film.
  325. ta*
    n. great; augment; p. very.
  326. tan
    n. body; bulk; mass; 1,000.
  327. ata
    v. spread; stretch; wide.
  328. ita
    v. fill; charge; thorough.
  329. uta
    v. swell; wave; undulate.
  330. te
    n. hand; project; take.
  331. ten
    v. hold; contain.
  332. ate
    n. tube; cylinder.
  333. ite
    n. flap; leaf; blade; tongue.
  334. ute
    n. pocket; sheath.
  335. ti
    n. they; them; their.
  336. tin
    n. three; triangular.
  337. ati
    v. throw, shoot; missile.
  338. iti
    n. plan; object; intend.
  339. uti
    p. beyond; far; distance.
  340. to*
    v. pass; year; was, were.
  341. ton
    v. tire; wear; use up.
  342. ato
    n. old; age; senior.
  343. ito
    n. end; final; expire.
  344. uto
    n. excess; flood; p. too.
  345. tu
    n. you, your.
  346. tun
    n. limit; wall; city.
  347. atu
    n. eight; octagonal.
  348. itu
    n. cube; block; dice.
  349. utu
    v. swell; tumour; lump.
  350. sa
    v. know; teach; inform.
  351. san
    n. health; medicine; sane.
  352. asa
    v. prove; certain; ensure.
  353. isa
    n. skill; talent; craft; art.
  354. usa
    v. heed; obey; comply.
  355. se
    v. see; seem; visual.
  356. sen
    v. feel; touch; sense.
  357. ase
    v. care; watch; keep.
  358. ise
    v. find; perceive; solve.
  359. use
    v. hear; sound; listen.
  360. si*
    n. self; one; own; identity.
  361. sin
    n. form; shape; type.
  362. asi
    n. like; same; copy.
  363. isi
    n. mutual; exchange.
  364. usi
    v. agree; fit; conform.
  365. so
    p. with; help; combine.
  366. son
    n. hundred; per cent.
  367. aso
    n. truth; faith; trust.
  368. iso
    n. equal; even; balance.
  369. uso
    n. treaty; bargain; pact.
  370. su
    n. water; liquid; flow.
  371. sun
    n. fish; clammy.
  372. asu
    n. slime; bog; mucus.
  373. isu
    n. cold; chill; frigid; keen.
  374. usu
    n. silver; glint; steel.

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