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  1. Emotional or Subjective Acting
    the playing of roles in such a way that actors weep, suffer, or struggle emotionally
  2. Technical or Objective Acting
    • Use of learned skills of acting,movement, speech, and interpretation to create roles.
    • No emotional response is allowed.
  3. Leading Roles
    The main characters in a play
  4. Protagonist
    The main character in a play
  5. Antagonist
    The person or force working against the protagonist in a play.
  6. Juvenile
    A young romantic male lead between the ages of 16 and 30.
  7. Ingenue
    A young romantic female lead between the ages of 16 and 30.
  8. Supporting Roles
    • Those characters who act as contrasts to others
    • Characters with whom other characters, usually the protagonist, are compared.
  9. Straight Parts
    Roles in which the actor and the character are similar.
  10. Cast by Type
    Actors cast in staight partswho really play themselves.
  11. Character Parts
    Roles in which actors deal with traights that differ from their own to produce a desired character
  12. Typecasting
    Identifying and casting an actor in the same kind of role over and over.
  13. Characterization
    putting together all facets of a story to make that character a living, convincing human being.
  14. pause
    a lull or stop in dialogue or action in order to sustain emotion
  15. Originality
    freshness of acting style
  16. Versatility
    The ability to change style or character with ease.
  17. Primary Source
    Observing a person's posture, movement, havits, voice inflections, and mannerisms in order to build a character
  18. Secondary Sources
    Books that help in characterization building
  19. Body Language
    Communication without the use of words
  20. Master Leading Gesture
    A distinctive action that is repeated and serves as a clue to a character's personality, such as a peculiar laugh or walk.
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