Urinary System

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  1. Albuminuria
    Protein in urine
  2. Antidirectic
    Slow the urge to use the bathroom
  3. Anuria
    Not urinating
  4. Cystoectomy
    Incision of the bladder
  5. Cystitis
    Inflammation of the bladder
  6. Cystocele
    hernia of the bladder
  7. Cystodynia
    Pain in the bladder
  8. Cystogram
    Weight of the bladder
  9. Cystolithectomy
    Removal of bladder stone
  10. Cystoscope
    Tool used for visual of bladder
  11. Dialysis
    Filtering blood for cleansing
  12. Extrocorpareal Shockwave Lithotripror
    Breaks down the stones so they can pass
  13. Glomerulitis
    Inflamattion of the gluemrous
  14. Glycosurai
    Sugar in the urine
  15. Hydronephrosis
    Condition of water in the kidney
  16. Incontience
    Not able to control
  17. Ketonuria
    Kentoes in the urine
  18. Lithotripsy
    uses of shockwaves to breakdown stones
  19. Meatus
    Naturing opening of the body
  20. Nephrectomy
    Kidney removal
  21. Nephorocystitis
    Inflammation of the kidney
  22. Nephrology
    Study of the kidney
  23. Nephorpathy
    Diesease in the kidney
  24. Nephrosclerosis
    Hardening of the kidney
  25. Nocturia
    Going to the bathroom at night
  26. Oliguria
    Scanty urine
  27. Polyuria
    Going to the bathroom alot
  28. Pyuria
    Pus in the urine
  29. Renal Failure
    Kidney Faliure
  30. Sterile
  31. Ureterocolonstomy
    New opening for attaching the uria to the colon
  32. Urehtalgia
    Pain in the uretha
  33. Uretheal Stricture
    Abnormal narrowing of the tube that carries the urine
  34. Urgency
    The desire to go
  35. Urnometer
    Measures gravity of urine
  36. Urobilin
    Brown pigment in urine
  37. urochome
    Yellow pigment in urine
  38. Void
    Empty bladder
  39. BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen
    Test urine in the kidney
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