Ultrasound ABD 03 Liver

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  1. Couinaud’s anatomy
    • Localization of liver by functional distribution of portal veins.
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  2. Caudate lobe
    Receives branches from both, right and left portal veins and getting drained by emissary veins.

    Posteriorly by IVC.

    Anterioinferiorly by proximal left portal vein.

    Anteriolaterally by ligamentum venosum.

    • Inferiorly by main portal vein.
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  3. Liver is covered by
    Glisson’s capsule or Vesceral peritoneum.
  4. Where is liver
    • Liver invaginates into peritoneum, which covering the liver surface.
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  5. Hepatopedal
    Portal v. flow to transducer.
  6. Hepatofugal
    Portal v. flow away from transducer.
  7. 3 lobes of liver
    Left lobe, Right lobe, caudate lobe.
  8. 9 segments
    • Caudate
    • Left lateral superior
    • Left lateral inferior
    • Left medial superior
    • Left medial inferior
    • Right anterior superior
    • Right anterior inferior
    • Right posterior superior
    • Right posterior inferior.
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  9. Intersegmental vessels
    Hepatic veins
  10. Intrasegmental vessels
    Portal veins.
  11. Portal triad
    Portal vein, hepatic artery, bile duct.
  12. Main lobar fissure
    Imaginary line from GB to IVC, middle hepatic vain is landmark for it.

    Right and left lobes of the liver.

    Right anterior segment from left medial segment.

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  13. Right Intersegmental fissure
    Coronal division of the right lobe of the liver, dividing right lobe to anterior and posterior, right hepatic vein is landmark for right Intersegmental fissure.
  14. Left Intersegmental fissure
    Sagittal division of the left lobe of the liver, divides the left lobe to medial and lateral, the left hepatic vein, ligamentum teres, falciform ligament, assending segment of the left portal vein are landmarks.
  15. Ligamentum venosum
    Remnant of ductus venosus, conducts blood from the left portal vein to IVC, separates medial segment of left lobe from caudate lobe.

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  16. Bare area
    Posterior portion of liver that is not covered by peritoneum.
  17. Coronary ligament
    Reflection of parietal peritoneum onto liver surface, visceral peritoneum.
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