Nervous system

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  1. functions of nervous system
    • sensory input (afferent)
    • integration
    • motor output (efferent)
  2. Divisions of nervous system
    • central nervous system (brain and spinal cord)
    • peripheral nervous system (paired spinal and cranial nerves carry messages to cns)
  3. divisons of pns
    sensory (afferent) division

    motor (efferent) division
  4. sensory division of pns
    somatic afferent fibers- convey impulses from skin, skeletal muscles, and joints

    visceral afferent fibers- convey impulses from visceral organs
  5. motor (efferent) division of pns
    • transmits impulses from cns to effector organs
    • -somatic motor
    • -autonomic motor
  6. somatic (voluntary) motor division of pns
    motor to skeletal muscles
  7. automonic (involuntary) division of pns
    • visceral to motor fibers
    • regulates smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands
  8. divisons of au
  9. division of autonomic (involuntary) nervous syst
  10. divisions of autonomic (involuntary) nervous system of pns
    • sympathetic (fight or flight)
    • parasympathetic
  11. In pns myelin is made by the
    schwann cells
  12. in cns myelin is made by
  13. electrical impulse is generated at
    nodes of ranvier
  14. the action potential is transmitted along myelinated nerves via
    saltatory conduction
  15. white matter
    dense collection of myelinated fibers
  16. gray matter
    mostly neuron cell bodes and unmyelinated fibers
  17. white and grey matter are both in the
  18. depolarizatioin phase of an action potential is due to
    sodium influx
  19. repolarization phase of an action p
  20. repolarization of an action potential is due to
    potassium efflux
  21. sodium potassium pump
    restores balance of sodium and potassium so cell can undergo action potential again

    only occurs at nodes of ranvier
  22. the executive suite of the nervous system
    cerebral cortex
  23. functions of cerebral cortex
    • motor activity is initiated
    • sensory interpretation
    • different lobes of cerebrum handle different functions
  24. cerebral cotex is
    gray matter
  25. brain stem
    • midbrain
    • pons
    • medulla oblongata
  26. brain stem gives rise to
    the spinal cord
  27. spinal cord begins at
  28. there are how many spinal nerves
    31 pairs
  29. lateral corticospinal tract
    major motor tract to skeletal muscle below head and neck
  30. lateral spinothalamic tract
    pain and temperature
  31. corticobulban tracct
    control muscles that go to head and neck
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