Safe work practices/ 70E

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  1. What are the approach boundaries for the following voltages? per 70e
    • 120/240V: 4ft
    • 240/480V: 10ft
    • 480V 20ft
  2. The Flash protection boundary is defined as what? per 70e
    A boundary from 4ft to 20ft with distance determined by voltage level in which live parts are exposed and would cause 2nd degree burns if an arc flash were to occur.
  3. What are the three boundaries in an arc flash protection boundary from close approximaty to the farthest from the gear.
    • Prohibited: contact live parts
    • restricted: increased risk of shock
    • limited shock boundaries: shock hazard exists
  4. Which shock boundary(s) in the arc flash protection boundary is it allowable to have an unqualified person in? per 70e
    The limited boundary.
  5. You must wear appropriate PPE in which part of the arc flash protection boundary? per 70e
    All of it.
  6. A vault with exposed live parts per OSHA is considered what?
    A permit confined space
  7. What must be done if work is to be done on electrically live parts not put in an electrically safe condition? per 70e
    An energized electrical work permit must be filled out and kept on file for one year.
  8. suiting up for common tasks includes what calorie rating for the following tasks? per 70e
    -operation of CB up to 240V
    -Reading a panel meter while operating a meter switch on switchgear up to 1000v
    -voltage testing up to 240V
    -operation of CB w/cover off up to 600v
    -above 600V insertion or removal
    -greater than 120V exposed in 600v class MCC's
    -starter buckets removal/insertion in 600v MCC's
    -switchgear above 1000v
    • -operation of CB up to 240V 1.2 cal/cm2
    • -Reading a panel meter while operating a meter switch on switchgear up to 1000v 1.2 cal/cm2
    • -voltage testing up to 240V 4 cal/cm2
    • -operation of CB w/cover off up to 600v 4 cal/cm2
    • -above 600V insertion or removal-greater than 120V exposed in 600v class MCC's 8 cal/cm2
    • -starter buckets removal/insertion in 600v MCC's 8.1-25 cal/cm2
    • -switchgear above 1000v 24.1-40 cal/cm2
  9. According to 70e, work above what calorie is not allowed?
    40 cal
  10. Can a person be qualified on one piece of equipment but not on another piece of equipment? per 70e
  11. Per lockout tag out the work being performed is allowed without placing a lock under what requirements?
    • work does not exceed one shift
    • disconnecting means is adjacent to the work being performed
  12. Energy isolation devices for machinery or equipment installed after _________ shall be capable of accepting a lockout device.
    january 2, 1990
  13. A tagout device must be capable of withstanding what?
    50 lbs of force at a right angle, and must be non-reusable
  14. Assured grounding always tests what to what? per OSHA
    the ground prong to the metal casing, then to each phase. Assured grounding is testing for possible ground faults.
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