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  1. How to treat serious hospital aquired gram neg?
    3rd generation ceph and cefoperazone
  2. Name 2 oral cephalosporins for each class?
    • 1st gen: Keflex,Duricef
    • 2nd gen: Ceftin, Ceclor
    • 3rd gen: Suprax, Vantin
  3. Wjat is the coverage for ceph in each class?
    • 1st: gram positive, some gram negatives PECKSS (Proteus,Ecoli,Klebsiella,Samonella,Shigella)
    • 2nd: gram positives, less than 1st, gram negatives HEN PECKSS (H. Infuenza, Neisseria)
    • 3rd: less gram pos, ceftazadine and cefoperazone against pseudomonas
    • 4th: coverage is 3rd gen gram neg and 1st gen gram pos
  4. What is the 4th gen ceph?
    Cefipine (maxipime)
  5. What is vanco's coverage?
    Gram positives, MRSA, MSRE
  6. Dosing of vanco
    1gm IV q12 hours slow infusion
  7. When u give oral vanc?
    C diff colitis?
  8. What happens with fast infusion of vanc?
    Redmans syndrome or red neck syndrome, some say redmans is from rifampin): erythema and pruritis usually to head neck and upper torso.
  9. What are peaks and troughs of vanc?
    • Peak 15-30 mg/ml
    • Trough < 10 mg\ml
  10. When do you take vanco peaks and troughs?
    • Peak: take 30 min after 3rd dose
    • Trough: take level 30 min before 4th dose
  11. How to prevent red neck syndrome?
    Slow infusion, give dose over one hour
  12. How do you treat too rapid infusion of vanco?
    Antihistamines ( benadryl 10-50mg IV tid) until symptoms go away
  13. Major side effects of vanco?
  14. T/F if you dont get nephro or ototoxicity ur first time with vanco ull never get it?
    F, more times u take it the increase chance of having side effects
  15. What are side effects of aminoglycosides?
    • Ototoxicity-irreversible
    • Nephrotoxicity
    • Neuromuscular blockade
  16. What is aminoglycoside coverage?
    Gram negative aerobic.rods
  17. How to dose bactrim?
    • One tab po bid
    • Single strength 80mgTMP/400mgSMX
    • Double strength
    • 160mg\800mg
  18. What allergy to avoid?
  19. How does Bactrim work?
    • TMP-inhibits bacterial dihydrofolate reductase
    • SMX-inhibits folic acid production
  20. Spectrum of Bactrim
    • Broad
    • Staph and strep (incuding MRSA and MRSE)
    • Gram negatives (including pseudomonas)
  21. Contraindications for bactrim use?
    • Allergy
    • Pt on hypoglycemics and G6PD deficiencies
  22. What is primaxin?
  23. Spectrum of primaxin
    • Most gram positives
    • Most gram negatives including pseudomonas
    • Most aerobes amd anaerobes
  24. IV or PO for Primaxin?
  25. Side effects of Primaxin?
  26. What is aztreonams major side effects?
  27. What is aztreonam's coverage?
    Gram negatives, aerobes,pseudomonas
  28. Azetreonam IV or PO?
  29. Why isnt Aztreonam used more?
  30. What are two most common quinolones?
    Cipro and levaquin
  31. What is cipro and levaquins coverage?
    • Gram negative bacilli including pseudomonas
    • Staph(levaquin has increased gram positive coverage)
  32. Who can u not give a quinolone?
    Children, kills childrens cartilage
  33. What is cipro's dosing?
    200-400 mg IV q12; 250-750 mg PO bid
  34. What is levaquins dosing?
    250-500mg IV or PO
  35. What is avelox generic name?
  36. What class is avelox?
  37. What is Invanz generic name?
    Ertapenem sodium
  38. What are 2 main causes of antibiotic diarrhea?
    • Pseudomembranous colitis-clostridium dificie
    • Non-specific colitis-staph aureus
  39. How to test for cdiff?
    Check stools
  40. What gives u cdiff?
  41. How to treat cdiff?
    Oral vanc or flagyl 500mg po bid
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