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  1. relationship
    bond or connection you have with other people.
  2. family relationships

    immediate family
    extended family
    immediate - parents or guardians, siblings

    extended - grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins
  3. friendship
    significant relationship between two people that is based on caring, trust, and consideration.
  4. citizenship
    the way you conduct yourself as a member of the community.
  5. role
    part you play in a relationship
  6. communication
    your ways of sending or receiving messages
  7. cooperation
    working together for the good of all.
  8. compromise
    problem solving method that involves each participant giving up something to reach a solution that satisfies everyone.
  9. character
    the way you think, feel, and act
  10. "I" message
    statement in which a person describes how he/she feels by using the pronoun "I"
  11. active listening
    paying close attention to what someone is saying and communicating
  12. empathy
    able to imagine and understand how someone feels
  13. body language
    non verbal communication through gestures, facial expressions, and behaviors
  14. identity
    a sense of who they are and their place in the world
  15. prejudice
    unfair opinion or judgement of a particular group of people
  16. tolerance
    the ability to accept others differences and allow them to be who they are without your expressing disapproval
  17. constructive criticism
    non-hostile comments that point out problems for the purpose of helping a person improve
  18. interpersonal conflicts
    disagreements between groups of any size, from two people to entire nations
  19. conflict resolution
    the process of solving a disagreement in a manner that satisfies everyone involved.
  20. negotiation
    the use of communication and often compromise to settle a disagreement
  21. mediation
    process in which specially trained people help other resolve their conflicts peacefully
  22. confidentiality
    respecting the privacy of both parties and keeping details separate
  23. peer mediatiors
    student trained to help other students to find fair resolutions to conflicts and disagreements
  24. conflict
    any disagreement, struggle, or fight
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