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  1. Milk
    To draw the maximum response from the audience from comic lines or action
  2. Off or Offstage
    Off the visible stage
  3. On or Onstage
    On the visible stage
  4. Overlap
    To speak when someone else is speaking
  5. Pace
    The movement or sweep of the play as it progresses
  6. Personal Props
    Small props that are usually carried in an actor's costume, such as money, matches, a pipe, or a pen.
  7. Places
    The positions of the actors at the opening of an act or scene
  8. Plot
    • To plan stage business, as to "plot" the action
    • To plan a speech by working out the phrasing, emphasis, and inflections.
  9. Principals
    The main characters in a play
  10. Properties or Props
    All the stage furnishings, including furniture
  11. Ring Up
    To raise the curtain
  12. Role Scoring
    The analysis of a character
  13. Script Scoring or Scripting
    The marking of a script for one character, indication interpretation, pauses, phrasing, stress, and so on.
  14. Set
    The scenery for an act or scene
  15. Set Props
    Properties placed on a stage for the use of actors
  16. Subtext
    Character interpretations which are not in a script but are supplied by the actor
  17. Giving the Scene
    Shifting audience attention from one actor to another
  18. Turning the Scene In
    Focusing audience attention on the actor who is the real center of dramatization
  19. Taking Yourself out of a Scene
    The actor's turning away from the audience into a three-quarter back or full back position.
  20. Rising Inflection
    Using the voice to indicate questioning, surprising, or shock.
  21. Falling Inflection
    Using the voice to signal the end of a statement or to express depression, finality, or firmness.
  22. Sustained Inflection
    Using the voice to suggest calmness, decisiveness, or steadyness of purpose by staying on the same note
  23. Circumflex Inflection
    Using the voice to blend 2 or 3 sounds for a vowel that normally has a single sound, allowing the actor to stress a particular meaning or to change a word's meaning.
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