DNA Replication

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  1. Avery Mccarty and Macleod heat shocked cells and exposed them to what?
    Proteases, DNAases, RNAases
  2. Hensley and Chase
    Blender experiment
  3. Bacteriophage
    Virus that infects bacteria
  4. E. Chargoff
    Base compostion
  5. Griffith did what with streptococcus pneumoniae
    S strain and R strain. Heat shocked S with R strain killed mice
  6. Transformation
    Change in genetic composition due to assimilation of external DNA
  7. Transformation is also know as the
    transforming principle
  8. Nucleic Acids have how many bases
  9. What are the four bases
    Adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine.
  10. Adenine pair with...
  11. Cytosine pairs with...
  12. Purines are a _______ structure
    double ring
  13. The two purines are....
    Adenine and guanine.
  14. Pyrimidines are a _______ structure
    single ring
  15. Number of H-bonds between A and T
  16. Number of H-bonds between C and G
  17. A nucleotide is a
    sugar + base + phosphate group
  18. Pauling, Wilkins, and Franklin
    x-ray crystology
  19. a phosphodiester bond is a
    very strong covalent bond
  20. Base pairing
    sugar phosphate backbone with base pairing inside
  21. Replication models
    • conservative
    • dispersive
    • semi-conservative
  22. Conservative
    parent strands remain together
  23. dispersive
    jumbled together
  24. semi-conservative
    parent strands seperate and do not come back together
  25. Meselon and Stahl
    proved semi-conservative
  26. prokaryotes have
    one circular strand of DNA
  27. Eukaryotes have
    multiple linear chromosomes
  28. Prokaryote cycle
    1 cell division/hour
  29. human cycle
    5-6 hours
  30. error rate
    1/10 billion nt
  31. origin of replication
    site where replication starts
  32. prokaryotes have _____ number of OriC
  33. Eukaryotes have _____ number of OriCs
  34. specific protein binding sites
    attach and cause seperation and then a replication bubble
  35. helicase
    seperates strands
  36. SSB
    single strand binding proteins. stabilize single strand regions
  37. topoisomerase
    releases supercoiling
  38. primase
    make a short single stranded nucliec acid
  39. can't start DNA replication de nova
    DNA polymerase
  40. requires a double strand start point
    DNA polymerase
  41. prokaryotes have _____ polymerases
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