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  1. Abasment
    When a person has been lowered in a position, rank, or office
  2. Bifurcate
    When something separates or divides into two parts
  3. Coruscate
    To glitter or gleam
  4. Dogmatic
    When people will not change their opinions because they are stubborn
  5. Expedient
    When a person takes the easy way out, or does the practical or convenient thing
  6. Felicity
    Whenever a person has great happiness
  7. Geriatrics
    The branch of medicine that involves the care of elderly people
  8. Heresy
    The beliefs of someone who has gone against the religion of his/her people.
  9. Ingratiate
    Whenever a person tries very hard to please someone
  10. Juxtapose
    To place side by side
  11. Kleptomaniac
    A person who has an uncontrollable urge to steal.
  12. Laxity
    When people are careless and forgetful
  13. Misdemeanor
    When someone has broken the law
  14. Nostrum
    A cure that does not really work
  15. Ostracize
    When a person has been deliberately left out or excluded from a group.
  16. Paradox
    When something seems impossible but turns out to be true.
  17. Quixotic
    When a person dreams an impossible dream that cannot come true, because it is not possible or practical
  18. Raucous
    Whenever someone is loud and noisy and harsh sounding
  19. Scintillate
    When a thing sparkles, twinkles, or gives off light.
  20. Truculent
    Someone who is fierce, cruel, or savage.
  21. Ubiquitous
    A person who appears to be everywhere at once
  22. Vacillate
    Whenever a person can't make up his mind, and wavers side to side.
  23. Winsome
    Someone who is charming, attractive, cheerful, and bright.
  24. Xenophobia
    The fear of somebody who is different.
  25. Yammer
    • Loud, non- stop talking
    • Seizeless complaining and chattering
  26. Zealot
    When a person believes that his product or idea is the best in the world.
  27. Two ways to control speech fright.
    • Deep breathing.
    • Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
  28. 7 Attention Getters:
    • Humor
    • Personal Experience
    • Startling Statement
    • Rethorical questions
    • Reference to Occasion
    • Personal Experience
    • Quotations
  29. 3 Parts of a Speech:
    • Intro
    • Body
    • Conclusion
  30. Main part of a speech is the _____.
  31. We communicate to __________ and __________.
    We communicate to promote understanding and resolve conflict.
  32. 5 Parts of an Introduction:
    • Attention Getter
    • Thesis
    • Establish Ethos
    • Orient Your Audience
    • Summarize Your 3 Main Points
  33. 3 Parts of a Conclusion
    • Summary of Main Points
    • Revisit Thesis
    • Concluding Device
  34. Use _____ to highlight main points.
  35. Pitch (define)
    Highness or lowness of sound.
  36. Volume (define)
    How loud the speaker is speaking.
  37. 2 Examples of Good Speech Delivery
    • Begin speech without referring to cards.
    • Be confident and relaxed.
  38. ___ your speaking rate.
    Vary your speaking rate!
  39. Speak _____ your audience, not _____ them.
    Speak with your audience, not at them!
  40. Don't ______________ to mistakes.
    Don't draw attention to mistakes!
  41. Fillers (define)
    Words such as Uh, Okay, or So.
  42. Use your _____ to add _____ to a speech.
    Use your facial expressions to add interest to a speech.
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