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  1. NADPH
    An energy carrier molecule produced in the light reactions of photosynthesis and used to build sugar in the Calvin cycle.
  2. Heat
    Thermal energy.
  3. Heterotrophs
    Organisms that cannot make their own food; they must absorb in injest food.
  4. Autotroph
    An organism that can make its own food.
  5. Food Chain
    A pathway that traces energy flow from producers through consumers.
  6. Gluclose
    A six carbon organic molecule that is used as an energy source by many organisms.
  7. Chlorophyll
    The primary pigment of photosynthesis.
  8. Chloroplast
    The organelle in which photosynthesis occurs.
  9. Inorganic Molecules
    Molecules that have no carbon atoms.
  10. Organic Molecules
    Carbon containing molecules that are snthesized by living organisms.
  11. Thylakoids
    Internal chloroplast membranes; are flat and can be stacked upon one another; location of chlorophyll, accessory pigments and the electron carriers of the electron trasport chain.
  12. Rubisco
    An abundant enzyme that combines one molecule of CO2 with a 5-carbon sugar.
  13. NADPH (2)
    An electron carrier that is an electron donor in the Calvin cycle.
  14. Calvin Cycle
    The light independendt reactions of photosynthesis during which CO2 is fixed into organic molecules.
  15. Endosymbiotic Theory
    The theory that explains why chloroplasts have structural similarities to prokaryotic cells; states that chloroplasts were once independent prokaryotic cells that were engulfed by a eukaryotic cell.
  16. Photosystem
    An assembly of pigments that function in photosynthic light absortion and use of molecules.
  17. Photosynthesis
    The set of chemical reactions by which light energy is transformed into chemical energy; which is turn is used to fix carbon from the air into organic compounds.
  18. Stomata
    "Pores" in a leaf that can be open and closed; when open, they permit diffusion fo water vapor and gasses.
  19. Carbon Fixation
    The process of integrationof carbon dioxide into organic molecules.
  20. Accessory Pigments
    Ligh absorbing pigments that abosorbs light energy and transfer the absorbed energy to chlorophyll.
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