15.1 sense of smell and taste

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  1. ageusia
    lack or impairment of sense of taste (also called ageustia; geusia refers to taste)
  2. anosmia
    absense of sense of smell
  3. concha
    shell-shaped turbinate bones of nose
  4. fauces
    opening from mouth to pharynx
  5. flehmen
    a sexually related behavior in which a male animal sniffs the urine or vaginal secretions of a female, then extends his head upward while lifting and curling his upper lip (also called lip-curl)
  6. nares
    the openings of the nasal cavity; nostrils (singular naris)
  7. olfactory center
    center for smell located in brain
  8. olfactory epithelium
    organ of odor reception located in small area in nasal mucosa
  9. pheromone
    a hormonal substance secreted by an animal that elicits a particular response from another individual of the same species
  10. vomeronasal organ
    a supplemental olfactory organ located at the base of the nasal cavity, with openings into the nasal cavity and mouth

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15.1 sense of smell and taste
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15.1 the special senses: sense of smell and taste
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