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  1. - Persists beyond when it should be integrated
    - Reappears after having been integrated
    - Absent when it should appear
    Pathological reflex
  2. - Dominates movement when it should have been integrated
    - Individual is unable to volitionally change the response
    - Reflex becomes part of the motor learning process
    Obligatory reflex
  3. Moro reflex
    28 weeks - 5 months
  4. Assymetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR)
    birth - 6 months
  5. Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
    6 - 8 months
  6. Tonic Labyrinthine Supine Reflex
    birth - 6 months
  7. Optical Righting
    2 - 3 months
  8. Labyrinthine Righting
    2 - 3months
  9. If abnormal, Moro reflex interferes with what?
    • Balance reactions in sitting
    • Protective reactions in sitting
  10. If abnormal, ATNR interferes with what?
    • Feeding
    • Bilateral and midline use of hands
    • Rolling
    • Development of crawling
  11. If abnormal, STNR interferes with what?
    • Ability to prop on arms in prone
    • Attaining and maintaining hands-and-knees
    • Reciprocal creeping
  12. If abnormal, TLR interferes with what?
    • Segmental rolling
    • Come to sit from supine
    • Prop on arms in prone with extended hips
  13. If abnormal, positive support, flexor withdrawal, and extensor thrust reflex interfere with what?
    • Standing and walking
    • Balance reactions and weight shift in standing

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Mngmt of Neuro
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Abnormal Reflex Activity

Abnormal Reflex Activity
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