Course 9 Vol 2

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  1. According to the text, what are some characteristics of leadership? (201)
    Leaders lead, indicating they're out in front and being followed; leaders are not always on top; and leaders motivate others. Any characteristics listed in the skills and abilities checklist.
  2. After completing the leadership assessment, what do you percieve to be your leadership strengths and weaknesses? (201)
    List any strengths and weaknesses you found prevalent during your personal assessment survey.
  3. What measurement tools are available to assess leadership skills? (201)
    Scores of assessments, evaluations, tests, indices, surveys, etc.
  4. In developing an effective time management plan, what two step plan can you use? (202)
    Establish a "To Do" list and prioritize your tasks.
  5. Explain the A-B-C Priority system. (202)
    This system requires you to categorize your tasks by level of importance. Items prioritized as A are "have to do, must be accomplished today" items; B tasks are not quite as urgent, and C tasks are nice to do, non time consuming, and simple to accomplish.
  6. What is the key to prioritizing tasks? (202)
    To establish and focus on 20% of the "80-20" Rule
  7. How does time management impact work center effectiveness? (203)
    It leads to efficiency and increased profuctivity.
  8. Name a key element to keep in mind when organizing your desk or workstation. (203)
    Don't concentrate so much on the "prettiness" of your desk; think instead about the level of organization a structured work area contributes to productivity.
  9. How can you use delegation as an effective time-saving technique? (203)
    Delegation allows you to distribute a portion of your workload to others, usually to subordinates. You can delegate lower priority tasks (categories B and C) that are challenging and an enhancement to subordinate training.
  10. What planning tools are available to help you manage your work center responsibilities? (203)
    Calendars, planners, organizers, and personal digital assistants.
  11. What is recognized worldwide as one of the biggest time-wasters? (203)
    The telephone.
  12. Regarding time management, how do we fulfill our responsibilities as NCOs and demonstrate our adgerence to the AF Core Values? (204)
    The effective application of time management techniques is a clear manifestation of our commitment to the Air Force Core Values. By properly managing our time, we make a positive impact on work center effectiveness.
  13. What programs should we be actively involved in to maintain a high degree of proficiency in our specialty? (204)
    Programs offered through education services, with special emphasis on career development courses and the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) programs.
  14. In meeting the objective of PME, how does time management help? (204)
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