DANC301 2nd Exam Part2

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  1. In the movie we watched in class about capoeria, Boajench taught capoeria to the local children for free to give them hope for a better life and to inspire them to become good citizens. What other service did he provide to the community.
    He operated a local radio station to inform the people of the news.
  2. In the movie "War Dance" about the children of Uganda they were able to compete in the national competition in the capital city of Kampala. What award did they win?
    Best traditional dance
  3. In the Balinese mask dance Rangda the evil witch carries a white scarf. What does it represent?
    It represents the sling that mothers carry their babies in
  4. The children of Uganda have suffered great psychological trauma as victims of war. What is the traditional coping method in their cultrue?
    They never talk about it
  5. Esoteric physical and spiritual disciplines are needed to master Kalaripayattu and particular fighting skills are taght such as pressure points and the invocation of certain protective deities. What do they call the pressure points?
  6. What is name of the traditional circle dance of the northern Ugandan people
  7. The National Music Competition in the capital of Kampala, Uganda is a chance for the psychologically damaged children of the war to gain a sense of self worth through the process of the preparation and training and find moments of freedom and peace in the absence of violence and war. T/F?
  8. What East Indian dance form express sexuality as a metaphor representing the longed for union with the creator?
    Bharata Natyam
  9. In the Pullavas Snake possession Dance in Southwest India, the virgin girls perform acrobatic movements flipping and truning exhibiting incredible jumps to please the snake gods and rid the village of any misfortune. T/F?
  10. In Capoeira the "roda" is the circle of people watching singing and keeping the rhythmical music going while the "joga" is the permance that takes place in the circle where the main objective is to demonstrate skill and keep the dance going. T/F?
  11. Capoeira was banned in1892 by President Getulio Vargas and later 1937 the ban was lifted because it was presented to the president Deodoro de Fonsece as a positive means of education and discipline for the youth. T/F?
  12. Northern Uganda has been at war since the 1980's. What is the name of the rebel organizaiton fighting agaist government troops?
    The Lord's Resistance Army
  13. Capoeira is a martial art that employs elements of dance that was developed by the African slaves brought to Brazil during the 1550's. What is the dance form that shares similar techniques witnessed by Katherine Dunham in the 1930's?
  14. The Whirling Dervishes trun from right to left and the arms crossed at the chest slowly open. The right palm of the hand opens upward to receive God's goodness. The left palm faces downward to distribute God's goodness to the earth. By spinning the Dervishes join in the revolution of the universe letting go of their egos and finding truth. It is said to represent the abandonment of the self set in motion. T/F?
  15. What is the name of the sacred space created for the cleansing ritual the Pullavas do honoring the serpent gods and goddesses?
  16. What is the feminine way of dancing termed in East Indian dance?
  17. What is the original or root style of Capoeira using slow low subtle movements emphasizing ritual and tradition called?
    Capoeire Angola
  18. In the Balinese mask dance Rangda the evil witch battles her oppornet the protector of the people who was at one time at evil demon himself but was won over by the good forces. What is the name of Rangda's opponent?
  19. Who started the first Capoeira school in the 1930's ?
    Mestra Bimba
  20. Fleeing from the Mongols and Crusaders who drove many people out of the Middle East and Moslem Asia, Rumi and his family settled in Konya during the 13th century. T/F?
  21. Kathakali is a dance drama based on the allegories of the Natya Shastra using remarkable facial makeup and expressive movement to aid the dramatic representation. What Japanese dance form has similar characteristics?
  22. What is the newer martial form of Capoeira called that uses a fluid acrobatic style with spinning kicks and jumps focusing on strategy and technique?
    Capoeira Regional
  23. In the movie "War Dance" when the children were taken to the big city of Kampala they were afraid of the new things that they had never seen before like the cars, airplanes, and the ocean. T/F?
  24. In the choral dance based on the "Travels with Rama" the queen joins the monkey general and his legion of monkeys to learn to sing and dance for the king. T/F?
  25. The American Ballroom Theater, a nonprofit organization provided ballroom dance classes to public schools in New York. Their mission was to build social awareness, confidence, and self-esteem through the practice of social dance. T/F?
  26. What is the East Indian dance term for abstract dance?
  27. What is the tribal name of the people of northern Uganda?
    Acholi tribe
  28. Jelaludin Rumi believed a union with God could be achieved through dance and he transformed the dance of the Whirling Dervishes into a religious experience. What branch of Islam did he practice?
  29. The Sufi believed dance was created when the universe came into being and that dance, music and spiritual experience fuse during the dance of the whirling dervishes. Like the ritual the dancer's clothes are filled with symbolism. All together what do the clothes signigy?
    They signify the death of the ego which enables union with God
  30. The Kalaripayattu dance that we watched in class took place in a room with a dirt floor and the student performed kicks and slits that were a part of the devotional ritual of practice. T/F?
  31. In Northern Uganda's civil war the children have been the victims. Abducted from their families the boys have been forced to become killing machines often killing their own friends and families while young girls have become sex slaves to the officers. T/F?
  32. What is name the courtship dance of northern Uganda performed at weddings so potential partners can meet.
  33. What was the name of the Buddhist monk that took Kalaripayattu to China in the 4th century AD?
    Bodhi Dharma
  34. What is the masculine way of dancing termed in East Indian dance?
  35. In the movie we watched about capoeria the boy Jackson took part in the batizado ceremony and was given a nickname. What was it?
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