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    • Cyperus esculentus
    • yellow nutsedge
    • FACW
    • 2-2.5 ft, 3 sided stems, distinctive ridge on leaves, produced in groups of 3 from the stem, spikeletts
    • Epilobium
    • fireweed, willowherb
    • Hibiscus moscheutos
    • crimsoneyed rosemallow
    • OBL
    • shrubby herbaceous forb, 1-2.5m tall, large woody rootstock.
    • Impatiens capensis
    • jewelweed
    • FACW
    • up to 6.5 ft tall, leaves 2-4.5 in long, 1.25-3 in wide, bright orange triangular funnel shaped flower
    • Leersia oryzoides
    • rice cutgrass
    • OBL
    • 2-4 ft grass, rough saw tooth margins, alternate leaves are up to 9" long and 1/3" across
    • Lobelia cardinalis
    • cardinal flower
    • FACW+
    • unbranched alternate leaved stalks 2-3 ft. tubular red flowers
    • Pilea pumila
    • clearweed
    • FACW
    • .5-2 ft tall, smooth round hairless transparent stems, opposite leaves are 1-5 in long, ovate, hairless,coarse serrated. upper suface dark green lower surface pale to white, central vein, 2 side vein
    • Polygonum hydropiperoides
    • swamp smartweed
    • OBL
    • 70cm tall, alternate leaves, linear lanceolate, tiny white flowers
    • Pontederia cordata
    • pickerelweed
    • OBL
    • 6 in spike of small flowers, plant 3 feet tall, long heart shaped leaves, emergent aquatic, shallow quiet water
    • Sagittaria latifolia
    • broadleaf arrowhead
    • OBL
    • 3.5 ft tall, arrow shaped leaves up to 16"x10", conspicuous parallel veins, flowers with 3 white petals
    • Brasenia schreberi
    • watershield
    • OBL
    • floating oval shaped leaves, stalk attached to center of leaves, underside covered in jelly like substance, stalks reach to bottom, long creeping root, small purple flower on stalk.
    • Ceratophyllum demersum
    • coon's tail
    • OBL
    • submerged, no roots, feathery leaves in whorls around stem, teeth on leaf feel rough in hand
    • Cornus sericea
    • redosier dogwood
    • FACW+
    • red twigs, loose multi stemmed shrub, 6-12 ft tall, opposite leaves with prominent lateral veins that curve towards tip, dense clusters of creamy white flowers followed by white berries
    • Decodon verticillatus
    • swamp loostrife
    • OBL
    • 1-3ft tall, long arching leafy stems, lance shaped leaves, opposite or in whorls, bell shaped pink purple flowers in dense clusters

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