15.4 surgical and other procedures, visual tests and diagnostic instruments of the eye

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  1. blepharoplasty
    plastic repair of eyelid
  2. blepharorrhaphy
    suturing together of eyelid margins (also called tarsorrhaphy)
  3. blepharotomy
    incision of eyelid (also called tarsotomy)
  4. canthoplasty
    plastic surgery of palpebral fissure, expecially section of canthus to lengthen fissure and surgical restoration of defective canthus (also called cantholysis)
  5. canthotomy
    incision of canthus
  6. casulectomy
    excision of capsule of crystalline lens
  7. cataract implant
    procedure for implantation of permanent artificial lens after cataract removal
  8. conjunctivoplasty
    plastic repair of conjunctiva
  9. cyclodialysis
    procedure for glaucoma, to form communication between anterior chamber of eye and suprachoroidal space
  10. dacryoadenectomy
    excision of tear gland
  11. dacryocystectomy
    excision of lacrimal (tear) sac
  12. dacryocystotomy
    incision of lacrymal gland or duct (also called lacrimotomy)
  13. enucleation
    excision of eyeball
  14. iridectomy
    excision of part of iris
  15. iridencleisis
    procedure used to reduce intraocular pressure, forming permanent drain for aqueous humor by strangulation of slip of iris in corneal incision
  16. keratectomy
    excision of portion of the cornea
  17. keratocentesis
    puncture of cornea for aspiration of aqueous humor
  18. heratoplasty
    corneal transplant or repair of cornea
  19. keratotomy
    incision of cornea
  20. laser surgery
    use of instrument that concentrates light energy into narrow beam so that treatment of tissue can be done so quickly that surrounding areas are not affected; use within eyeball to repair the retina
  21. elecroretinogram (ERG)
    measures functioning of retina
  22. fluorescent eye stain
    test to detect abnormalities or injuries in cornea
  23. goniometry
    measures drainage angle of eye
  24. menace reflex
    indication of vision in animals
  25. ophthalmoscope
    instrument that examines interior of eye using light source, perforated mirror and system of lenses
  26. Schirmer tear test
    measures tear production
  27. sonogram
    use of ultrasound to detect disease of eye
  28. tonometry
    measures intraocular pressure
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