15.5 ear and related anatomic terms

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  1. auricle
    external projecting part of ear (also called pinna)
  2. auris
    term that refers to ear
  3. cerumen
  4. cochlea
    snail-shaped canal in inner ear
  5. endolymph
    fluid that fills semicircular canals and membranous labyrinth of ear
  6. eustachian tube
    tube that leads from ear to throat (also called auditory tube)
  7. guttural pouch
    ventral diverticulum of eustachian tube in equine
  8. incus
    anvil-shaped bone in middle ear (also called anvil)
  9. labyrinth
    inner ear, consisting of numerous canals and membranes and organ of hearing, the organ of Corti
  10. malleus
    hammer-shaped bone in middle ear (also called hammer)
  11. meatus
    opening to ear; both internal and external
  12. organ of Corti
    spiral organ of hearing located on basilar membrane of cochlear membrane
  13. ossicles
    little bones of middle ear
  14. otolith
    stone in utricle and saccule of inner ear (lith means stone)
  15. perilymph
    fluid that fills some chambers of inner ear
  16. pinna
    auricle, or projecting part of ear
  17. saccule
    small, hair-lined sac of inner ear, which together with utricle and semicircular canals is organ for equilibrium
  18. semicircular canals
    three membranous canals (lateral, superior, and posterior) contained within bony semicircular structures of labyrinth, involved with equilibrium
  19. stapes
    stirrup-shaped bone in middle ear (also called stirrup)
  20. tympanic membrane
    membrane (eardrum) that separates middle ear from external ear and transmits vibrations to ossicles
  21. utricle
    small hair-lined sac of inner ear that is concerned with equilibrium
  22. vestibulocochlear nerve
    cranial nerve VIII; has branches for transmitting sound and equillibrium to brain
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