Gov Q6 Terms

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  1. Soft Money
    unlimited party building money
  2. Independent Expedentures
    spending unlimited amounts of money on a candidate as long as they are independent
  3. Quid Pro Quo
    something given in expectation of something in return
  4. 527 Organization
    accept and spend unlimited money on election activities; can't broadcast ads 30 days before primary elections and 60 days before general elections and can't ID candidate
  5. Patronage
    giving government jobs to persons belonging to the winning party
  6. Hard Money
    contributions to a political candidate that is limited
  7. Non-Partisan Election
    local or judicial election in which party affiliation isn't listed on the ballots
  8. Presidential Honeymoon
    period at the beginning of a presidents term which he enjoys generally positive relations with congress and the press
  9. Realigning Elections
    elections during periods of change, in which they shift parties
  10. Caucus
    meeting of local party members to choose officials/candidates for public office
  11. Party Convention
    meeting of party delegates to vote on policy and select candidates
  12. Crossover Voting
    voting by a member of one party for a candidate of another party
  13. Direct Primary
    election in which voters choose one party nominee
  14. Open Primary
    primary election in which any voter, regardless of party, may vote
  15. Closed Primary
    primary election in which only persons registered in the party holding the primary may vote
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