wetland ecology 2

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    • Drosera rotundifolia
    • roundleaf sundew
    • OBL
    • insectivorous, found in open bogs, white or pinkish flowers, rosette of reddish stickey leaves, associated with sphagnum mats or hummocks, can survive on nutrient rich soils
    • Dulichium arundinaceum
    • three way sedge
    • OBL
    • three way arrangement of leaves around stem, alternate leaves, smooth or slightly rough edges, semi hollow, erect, jointed, smooth, round or obscurely triangular stems 3"
    • Larix laricina
    • tamarack
    • FACW
    • slender trunk, conical tree, 50-75 ft, short soft needles in clusters, small egg shaped cones, acidic poorly drained soils
    • Nymphaea odorata
    • american white waterlilly
    • OBL
    • floating aquatic, large fragrant white or pink flowers, flat round floating leaves, bright green above redish or purple underneath, round with deep narrow cut almost to the center where stem is attached
    • Onoclea sensibillis
    • sensitive fern
    • FACW
    • few inches to 3", light to brown mottled green, deep cut into long lobes that almost reach the stem, fertile fronds appear
    • Osmunda cinnamornea
    • cinnamon fern
    • FACW
    • fronds in groups, black rootstock, distinctive cinnamon colored fertile frond, twice cut sterile fronds absence of sori on green leaves
    • Osmunda regalis
    • royal fern
    • OBL
    • fronds twice cut into widely spaced rounded leaflets elevated rootstock
    • Potamogeton amplifolius
    • large leaf pondweed
    • OBL
    • 2 leaf types, banana shaped wavy edged underwater leaves and oval leathery floating leaved
    • Juncus effusus
    • common rush, soft rush
    • FACW+
    • pale green stems, 2-5 ft tall, round stems with pithy pith, no leaves, leafy reddish sheaths wrap the stems at the bottom of the plant,
    • Toxicodendron vernix
    • poison sumac
    • OBL
    • large alternate leaves w/ 9-13 leaflets 2-4" long, ovate leaves shiny above dull below, small upright tree up to 15 ft

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