Lesson 1

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  1. Apollonian
    • Apollonian represents reason. Example: Agamemnon & Odysseus
    • characteristics are moderation, self restraint, success, persuasiveness, flexibility, and modesty
  2. The primary Gods: Zeus, Hera, Thetis, Hephaestus, Athena, Apollo, Poseidon
    • Zeus-main god
    • Hera-An Olympian goddess. She is Zeus’s strong willed wife who has
    • tried to overthrow him.
    • Thetis-goddess of the sea and achilles mother
    • Hesphaestus- son of Hera, crippled, peace maker between Zeus and Hera.
    • Athena-Zeus's daughter, goddess of wisdom
    • Apollo-son of zeus, reasonable, sided w/ Troy & made Agamemnon give up war prize
    • Poseidon-younger brother of zeus, god of sea
  3. Persia
    Persia was a strong central power that Greece relied on for protection
  4. Dionysian
    • Dionysian represents passion. Example: Achilles, the hero of Illiad, is Dionysian. Achilles is driven by his anger, the turbulent energy inside him that is expressed in great deeds and errors.
    • Characteristics-excess, self willedness, honor, courage, integrity, and glory
  5. Characters of The Illiad: Achilles, Agamemnon, Priam, Paris, Hector, Patroclus
    • Achilles-greatest warrior for the greeks
    • Agamemnon-King of greeks, has quarrel with Achilles
    • Priam-Trojan king
    • Paris-other son of Priam
    • Hector-Son of Trojan king Priam. Achilles kills him in honor of his friend patroclus
    • Patroclus-Achilles' friend that dies in battle
  6. Odyssey
    Homer's second poem. Main character is Odysseus and he is apollonian. he wins his greatest victories through deciet. he has self control.
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