wetland ecology 3

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    • triadenum fraseri
    • fraser's marsh st johnswort
    • OBL
    • pink flowers cluster at top of leafy stem, 30-45cm tall, purplish stems, leaves are opposite entire oblong to egg shaped, very blunt
    • Utricularia gibba
    • humped bladderwort
    • OBL
    • aquatic herb without roots, slender stems float, submerge, or creep along substrate, alternate threadlike leaves, bladders trap inverts, able to tolerate low nutrient conds
    • Utricularia vulgaris / macrorhiza
    • common bladderwort
    • OBL
    • submerged, free floating, alternate lacy complex leaves, repeatedly divided into unequal segments until threadlike, horizontally floating, sparsely branched stems often form mats
    • Bidens frondosa
    • devils beggarstick
    • FACW
    • 1-3' tall, compound leaves, 3-5 leaflets, opposite along stem, can be alternate at top, lanceolate, coarsely serrated, some upper stems terminate in a flower, may be 1 or 2 smaller flowers below, yellow flowers
    • Boehmeria cylindrica
    • small spike false nettle
    • FACW+
    • opposite, simple ovate-lanceolate leaves, pointed at tip, rounded at base, 3 main veins, coarsely toothed, many tiny flowers crowd on slender spikes, stinging hairs absent, 2.5 ft unbranched, smooth, stems,
    • Cephalanthus occidentalis
    • common buttonbush
    • OBL
    • coarse shrub, 6-12' tall, pincushion like flower heads
    • Nuphar lutea
    • yellow pond lilly
    • OBL
    • Mostly submerged, underwater stem can be more than 2 meters, alternate leaves, can reach 16", wavy edges, thin submerged leaves eminate from rooted rhizome, erect floating leaves from stem.
    • Peltandra virginica
    • green arrow arum
    • OBL
    • 2-3 ft, large oblong broadly triangular bright green leaves, green wavy margined tapering leaflike spathe curled around a rod like spadix
    • Schoenoplectus fluviatilis
    • river bullrush
    • OBL
    • emergent sedge, triangular 1/3-3/4" stems, many leaves,
    • Typha angustifolia
    • narrow leaf cattail
    • OBL
    • distinct gap between male and female flowers, found in deeper waters usually >2.5' deep
    • Eleocharis
    • spikerush
    • OBL
    • sedge from matted or creeping rhizomes, unbranched leafless stems end in single erect spikelets, stems 3sided, 4sided, round flattened or grooved
    • Eupatorium perfoliatum
    • common boneset
    • FACW+
    • 2-4' tall, unbranched except for flowering side stems near apex, stem covered in long white hairs, opposite leaves up to 8", light to yellowish green, lanceolate shape perforated by stem, serrate margins, copious network of veins, upper stems terminate clusters of white flowerheads

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wetland ecology 3
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