SharePoint 2010

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  1. Whats new in SharePoint 2010

    --------------- is used to add or remove servers from a farm.
  2. Whats new in SharePoint 2010

    a passphrase is used as the basis for --------------- between farm members
  3. Whats new in SharePoint 2010

    SharePoint 2007 used the user ------------------- account. This caused a problem if the account was not longer available.
  4. Upgrade

    In SharePoint 2007 sp2 what tool was added to assist in the upgrade process.
    preupgrade check
  5. Upgrade

    What does the pre upgrade check do
    looks at the database for roadblocks to the upgrade
  6. Upgrade

    What are 3 things the pre upgrade check reports on?
    Features, Solutions, Servers and content amounts, site definitions, Alternate Access Mappings, Large Lists, orphaned data, CAML views, databases with schema modifications
  7. Upgrade

    What are the three upgrade methods in Sharepoint 2010
    • inplace upgrade
    • database upgrade
    • hybrid
  8. Upgrade

    What replaced the Shared Service provider
    Service Applications
  9. Upgrade

    What did the old Shared Service Provider do?
    shared common resources across web applications.
  10. Why was the SSP needed in 2007
    it allowed sharepoint to do one crawl but ues the information for the once crawl to all of the web aplications in the farm without duplication of effort.
  11. Name some SP2010 Service applications
    • search
    • Profile import
    • business data catalog
    • managed metadata
  12. What is the advantage of service applications
    services can be turned on and off as needed. also service application can be given their own security account which provides for greater security.
  13. Windows Identity Foundation

    What new authentication method is supported in SP 2010
    Claims based authentication
  14. What identity systems does claims authentication support
    • AD
    • LDAP
    • Windows Live ID
    • Custom
  15. Windows Identity Foundation

    What is the backbone of Claims based authentication in sp2010
    Windows Identity Foundation
  16. How is Windows identity foundation similar to SSO
    allows users to have identity in different repositories and use them to access diffferent resources in SharePoint.
  17. What is used to determine the health of SharePoint 2010
    Health Analyzer
  18. How many health definitions does Health Analyzer come with.
  19. What are some examples of the health checks the 52 definitions of health analyzer supports
    • C:\drive out of space
    • What timer jobs ran
    • Search metrics
    • Crawl times
    • slow pages
  20. What tool replaces stsadm in SP2010
    Windows Powershell
  21. What are some new characteristics of powershell?
    • scripting
    • looping through objects
    • sharepoint object access without code
  22. What is an example of powershell in action
    checking the last time security was changed on a site collection
  23. Give an example of powershell using objects
    • c:\$site = get-spsite http://sitename
    • c:\$site.lastsecuritymodifieddate
  24. What replaced service accounts in SharePoint 2010 from 2007
    managed accounts
  25. What is the biggest benefit of managed accounts
    with managed accounts you can tell SharePoint this account belongs to you. Sharepoint then can change passwords as needed and keep itself updated as it does so.
  26. What browser does SP2010 support
    IE7 and IE8

    limited support in IE7x64 IE8x64 safari 4.04 and Firefox 3.6

    IE 6 unsupported
  27. Why is metadata better than folders
    • -helps prevent duplication
    • -you can see all the files at once and show different views of the files.
  28. Why is SharePoint 2010 so modular
    separation of concerns and minimal dependancy on other components for another component to run
  29. What is an example of the modular architecture of SharePoint 2010
    user profile service: exists as compilation of various modular components.
  30. What does extensible mean?
    Plannning for future growth and helping to minimize impace of future changes.

    Extensions to the modular building blocks that form the base of the system.
  31. What is an example of how is sharepoint extensible
    Most product features are delivered as SharePoint features.
  32. How can you scale SharePoint
    Add more Web Front Ends - for more web access

    Add more service application servers to increase service capacity

    for larger upload sizes ad more hardward (memory etc.)
  33. What is federation
    standardization to allow users of one system to use services or data from another system.
  34. Define how a service application is architected
    Service Application ---> has service instances ---> has admin services and service functionality

    any application can talk to the service proxy of a service.
  35. Name some of the service applications within SP2010
    Access Database Services - Display Access Data applications in memory on server memory and just use UI for display

    Business Data Service - BDC

    Excel Services - Display Excel and hold Excel applications in memory on server memory and just use UI for display

    Managed metadata service

    performance point service

    search service

    secure store service

    user profile services - user profile, user sync and mysite settings

    visio services

    web analytics and usage

    word automation and server side document conversion
  36. Operating system required for
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