ST channel general info

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  1. Stomach channel begins
    LI 20
  2. Crossing points of ST channel
    • LI 20
    • SP 1
  3. Organs of St channel
    • Stomach
    • Spleen
  4. tissue of st channel
    upper gums
  5. linkage of stomach channel
    stomach 42 to spleen 1
  6. tibial branch of st channel
    stomach 36 to the lateral side of the third toe
  7. pathologies of the stomach channel
    • borborygmus
    • abdominal distention
    • edema
    • vomiting
    • hunger
    • epistaxis
    • deviation of the mouth
    • congested and sore throat
    • pain in the chest, abdomen and anterior border of the lateral aspect of the lower limbs
    • fever and mania
  8. stomach luo point
    stomach 40
  9. ST luo pathway
    • originates at ST 40 on lower lateral leg.
    • Travels to medial aspect of the lower leg to join with the SP channel
    • Ascends leg and trunk to the nape of the neck and head where it converges with other yang channels. Also travels to the throat
  10. st luo xu symptoms
    • flacid muscles or atrophy of the legs or feet
    • pharyngitis
    • sudden aphasia (difficulty speaking)
  11. ST luo shi symptoms
    • epilepsy and insanity
    • (heat, yang rising)
  12. St great luo
    St 18
  13. st great luo pathway
    • starts in the chest
    • penetrates the diaphram
    • connects with the lungs
    • exits below left breast
    • (heart connection)
  14. st great luo xu symptoms
    • suffocating sensation in the chest as in asthmatic breathing
    • cough, angina, heart attack
  15. st great luo shi symptoms
    • rapid breathing
    • difficult\labored breath
    • irregular breathing
    • dyspnea
    • sensation of knot in the chest
  16. the stomach great luo treats
    disorders that affect the whole body
  17. stomach tm\sinew channel pathologies
    • strained middle toe
    • cramping of lower leg
    • twitching and hardness of muscles of foot
    • spasm of thigh
    • swelling of anterior inguinal region
    • shan disorder (hernia)
    • with abdominal pain with constipation or urinary difficulty
    • abdominal spasm that goe up to supraclavicular fossa and cheek
    • sudden deviation of the mouth
    • inability to close the eyes (cold)
    • inability to open the eyes (heat)
    • laxity of the sinews
  18. stomach divergent channel diverges at the
    anterior thigh
  19. stomach divergent channel enters
    • stomach
    • spleen
    • heart
  20. stomach divergent channel emerges at the
    neck (mouth)
  21. stomach divergent channel converges at
    the eye
  22. pathway of stomach divergent channelst
    diverges from the stomach primary channel on the anterior thigh. Ascends to the abdomen and enters the stomach, spleen, and heart. Reaches the neck where it unites with the stomach main channel and enters the eye.
  23. stomach divergent channel treats
    • disorders of the heart ex: indigestion causing insomnia
    • sinusitis
    • headache along the channel
    • food allergies
    • eye pain
    • swelling
    • redness
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