Honors English (Eleventh Grade)

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Honors English (Eleventh Grade)
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Crucible Essays
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  1. Analyze Abigail's and John Proctor's tragic flaws and how they (tragic flaws) are the crux of the story.
    • Thesis: Both characters, Abigail and Proctor, had tragic flaws which led to the center of the play, The Crucible.
    • Abigail's Tragic Flaws: Rebellious, No Morals, Harlot, No Consciense, No Remorse, Manipulative, Liar, No Respect.
    • John Proctor's Tragic Flaws: Anger, Pride, Had Affair With Abigail.
    • Abigail Examples: Will accuse anyone for any reason. -Elizabeth Proctor (wanted John for herself). -Cried witchcraft on any person she held a grudge against (innocent people). Chanted and happy to see people hanged. Cried witchcraft on Mary Warren. -Mary tried telling truth.
    • John Examples: Affair caused Abigail to want to destroy Elizabeth. Pride ended up costing him his life. -Felt right thing to do. Anger caused Proctor to reveal truth about Abigail and as a result, accused of wichcraft.
  2. Illustrate the many lives affected by the girls.
    • Cecil Jacobs: -Putnam's daughter cried witchcraft in order to gain acreage for Putnam. -Hanged.
    • Elizabeth Proctor: -Abigail, poppet, needle. -Jailed.
    • Rebecca Nurse: -Mrs. Putnam, Midwife, 7 Babies. Goody Good: -Confessed. -Jailed. Goody Osborne: -Didn't Confess. -Hanged.
  3. Trace Reverend Hale's transition from the beginning of the play to the end. Include various cracks in his beliefs by action and word.
    • Beginning: Expert in witchcraft, Brought books - evidence, Examined and found witchcraft, Passionately believed witchcraft taken over Salem, Brought Tituba to confession, Brought "girls" to confession, signed 72 (several) death warrants.
    • REASONABLE: -"Be prepared in case there isn't any" (witchcraft) -"Martha Corey reading books doesn't signify" (witchcraft).
    • Crack 1: Goes house-to-house to examine all.
    • Normal: "Too much evidence to deny" (witchcraft).
    • Crack 2: Proctor states Abigail confessed to pretending. Hale asks if Proctor will testify.
    • Crack 3: Proctor states "People would rather confess than hang." Hale admits he's thought of that.
    • Normal: I have SEEN evidence! (witchcraft).
    • Hale is now transforming.
    • Agrees to testify about Elizabeth's character. "I will not fear to testify in court."
    • Hoping to find reason this is happening in town.
    • Pleads with Danforth "is every defense an attack on this court?"
    • Getting stronger now that it is all lies.
    • Danforth states he is doing "God's work" (hangings)
    • Hale states "Not everyone is guilty!"
    • Hale now believes Abigail is being untruthful and girls are lying.
    • Hale defends Proctor, Nurse, Giles Corey - (innocent!).
    • Danforth passionately accuses Proctor.
    • Hale passionately states he will "no longer shut my conscience anymore!"
    • End: Hale is now completely transformed. -Tries to get accused to confess "to give them their lie." Beg Proctor to confess. -"Life is most precious gift...NOTHING justifies the taking of a life." Denounces court proceedings and risks reputation for pursuing people to lie.
  4. Who is/are the character(s) with the highest morals? Explain.
    Rebecca Nurse: -Voice of Reason. -In beginning, reassured Parris, Putnams, and Proctor was no witchcraft. -Girls were being children and would tire eventually and come to senses. -Also in beginning, wanted to keep community together. -To have peace. -Wanted to prevent disunity that would open community to destruction. -Although condemned to hang, will not confess to lie. -Does not fear death. -Keeps to her morals. -Even if means death. -Knows "another judgement" awaits.
  5. Analyze Judge Danforth's character.
    Judge Danforth: -Represents tyranny. -Rules courtroom like a dictator. -Cold, icy character. -Firmly believes Abigail and girls incapable of lying. -Girls shout name, Danforth attaches name to witch. -Gullible and extreamly self-righteous. -Giles Corey or Francis Nurse attempts defense, Danforth feels they are trying to overthrow court. -Extreamly insulted when decision-making ability is questioned. -Dominates everyone who enters his court. -Inability to see through the girls's wickedness "evidence comes from children!" -Feels he is doing "God's work" and must "cleanse" Salem. -When becomes clear allegations are false, still refuses to see truth. -Hangs knowingly innocent people to avoid dirtying his reputation.