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  1. Infants left at the stations can be no more than _1__ days old and show __2_ sighn of abuse
    • 1. 30
    • 2. no
  2. what are the 4 forms from the department of human services givin to the parent?
    • 1. dear birth parent letter
    • 2. medical and genetic history form
    • 3. contact number for facility sheets
    • 4. a safe place for newborns pamphlet
  3. Infants left at station
    immediatly notify the ___1__ cheif and the state office services to __2____ and families.
    • 1. duty
    • 2. children
  4. attendance and unpaid leave
    you must exhaust all of your personal time prior to taking and unpaid leave of absence except for ___1_____ leave
  5. submit a wriitin request to the office of human resources requesting an unpaid leave of absence _1__ days prior to the anticipated start of the leave
    1. 30
  6. benefits will resume at the departments expense on the first day of the __1___ following an employees return from unpaid leave, if your first day back is the ___2___ day of the month benifits will resume that day.
    • 1. month
    • 2. first
  7. if the unpaid leave exceeds _1__ days, the employees seniority data will be adjusted
    1. 30
  8. unpaid leave shorter then _1__ days can be approved through the members division cheif
    unpaid leave in excess of _2__ days requires approval from the fire cheif
    • 1. 90
    • 2. 90
  9. Milatary leave
    must be employed for greater then _1_ months
    provide your written schedule _2__ days prior to HR
    you will receive full pay including acrruing benefeits for all periods of annual active duty, not to exceed _3__ days in a fiscal years
    • 1. 6
    • 2. 30
    • 3. 15
  10. Jury duty
    day personal- you will report in if your are releived of jury duty _1__ hours or more befor your shift ends
    shift personal- report for the ___2___ of your shift after jury duty
    • 1. 2
    • 2. remainder
  11. Breavement leave
    granted up to _1__ days off for imediate family members
    for duty cheifs assigned to 24-48 hour shifts they will have personal leave deducted per the following
    weekdays _2__ hours
    weekend/holliday-_3___ hours
    • 1. 3
    • 2. 16
    • 3. 24
  12. sexual harrasement
    something for something, you perform a sexual favor and ill promote you
    quid pro quo
  13. sexual harassment
    motivated by the targets gender, makes work offensive, hostile, intimidating, or it interferes with an idividuals work performance
    hostile enviroment
  14. sexual harrasement
    investigation will be done _1__ time an allegation is made
    HR has _2__ days to complete an investigation from date of filling
    if not happy with investigation you have __3__ days to apeal
    • 1. any
    • 2. 7
    • 3. 30
  15. any act of physical, verbal, or written aggresion by an indivdual or a group. can occur in the workplace or arise from work place activities, can cause a fear or imminent bodily injury
    workplace violence
  16. an expression of intent to commit violence or is of such character that places the listener in a state of apprehension of imminent bodily harm
  17. a threat that references to a violent act and an association with a present sitchuation
    "i hope what happent in oklahoma city doesent happen to you"
    "they are pushing me so hard i dont know what i might do"
    veiled threat
  18. a threat that contains words "if" or "or"
    " if he does that ill shoot him"
    "aprove my promotion or ill get even with you later"
    conditional threat
  19. a threat of warning of pending violence
    "im gona take you out"
    direct threat
  20. Visitors
    _1_ am to __ pm
    friends, family, official representatives or anyone else older then _2_
    under the age of _3_- do not leave alone in station
    Only _4_ guest per night can sleep over
    • 1. 7am to 10pm
    • 2. 16
    • 3. 18
    • 4. 1
  21. grooming
    _1_ exposed necklaces, pendants or medalions
    _2_ visible peircings
    • 1. no
    • 2. no
  22. grooming-men
    hair does not extend bellow the __1__ of the uniform collar
    hair shall not exceed below the top _2__ of the ear and shall not be no more then_3__" in front of the ears
    sideburns will not exceed _4__" at the widest point
    • 1. bottom
    • 2. 1/2
    • 3. 3/4"
    • 4. 1 1/2"
  23. grooming-women
    pinned up and secured at _1__ times
    hair __2___ extend beyond the shoulder blades
    hair can be dyed, tinted or frosted ___3___ hair colors
    • 1. all
    • 2. cannot
    • 3. natrual
  24. grooming-men
    no ____1___
    soul patches are ok but canot conect to a mustache or extend lower the __2_" below the corners os the motuh
    mustaches will not extend _3___" beyond or below the corner of the mouth
    • 1. beards
    • 2. 1"
    • 3. 1"
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