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  1. Presentation Aid
    anything beyond your spoken words that you employ to help the members of your audience understand and remember your presentation.
  2. what use presentation aids?
    makes speech more interesting, can simplify a complex topic, and can help your audience remember your speech.
  3. Types of Visual Aid
    the speaker, an assistant, objects, Visual Images, maps, photos/drawings, diagrams, graphs, lists, audio, and video.
  4. Prior Exposure
    the extent to which an audience has already heard the speakers message, which will affect an audience's interest of belief in what the speaker is saying.
  5. keep your aids simple
    text is large, dark font against light background, make sure it is legible.
  6. Explaination
    a technique used in informative speeches that provides an analysis of something for the purposes of clarify and specificity by tracing a line of reasoning or a series of causal connectionss between events.
  7. description
    use of words to to paint a mental picture for audience members so that they can close their eyes and imagine what the speaker is saying.
  8. Demonstration
    a technique involvinh both physical modeling and verbal elements with the goal of teaching an audience how a process or set of guidelines work.
  9. narrative
    a story a speaker tells to share information and capture an audience's attention
  10. persuasive speech
    attempting to influence your audience members' beliefs, attitudes, or actions.
  11. fact claims
    assert something that is true or false.
  12. value claims
    attach judgement (such as good, bad, moral, or immoral) to a subject.
  13. Policy Claims
    advocating action by organizations, institutions, or members or your audience.
  14. Strategic Discourse
    the process of selecting the arguments to support your thesis that will best achieve your phetorical purpose in an ethical manner.
  15. Audience Disposition
    I DONT KNOW! on page 512 & 513
  16. Boomerang Effect
    pushing you listeners to oppose your idea even more vigorously than they already do.
  17. MOtivated sequence
    aiming to establish five main points.
  18. Emily is Awesome,
    for letting me have her flash cards! :)
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