vocabulary list 4

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  1. callow
    immature, inexperienced
  2. embellish
    to beautify by or as if by ornamentation, adorn
  3. cache
    a hiding place especially one in the ground for food ammunition treasues etc...
  4. cupidity
    eager or excessive desire
  5. virtuosity
    a characteristic of a person who shows special knowledge or skill in a feild
  6. temerity
    reckless boldness rashness
  7. amorous
    inclined or disposed to love
  8. progeny
    a descendant or ofspring as a child plant or animal
  9. saturate
    soaked very wet
  10. perpetrate
    to commit a crime to execute
  11. consumate
    to bring to perfection completion
  12. subterfuge
    sneak, scheme, undermining
  13. concoct
    to prepare or create by combining
  14. manifold
    of many kinds numerous
  15. assiduous
    persistant attentive
  16. impecable
    faultless, flawless, perfect
  17. murky
    dark, gloomy
  18. exonerate
    free from guilt or blame
  19. fiat
    an authoritive decree, sanction or oder
  20. mendacious
    telling lies habitually
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