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  1. How many representatives are from each district?
    1 per district
  2. Each state has 2
  3. Majority
    The winner must earn just over 50% (50%=1 vote)
  4. Whats the smallest number of electoral votes per state?
    3 electoral votes (1 district + 2 senators)
  5. Popular Vote
    When the citizens of a state vote
  6. The number of representatives in the country
  7. The number of electoral votes in the U.S
    538 (100 senators + 435 representatives + 3 electoral votes from Washington D.C)
  8. Plurality
    The winner needs to earn more votes than the other candidates
  9. How many votes are needed to win an election?
    270 votes
  10. If a state has 15 electoral votes how many districts are there?
    13 districts (15 - 2 senators)
  11. 1 representative per;
  12. How many people per district?
    There are aproximately the same number of people in each district.
  13. What amendment abolished slavery?
    The 13th amendment: abolished slavery
  14. What amendment gave anyone (male) the right to vote?
    The 15th ( xv ) amendment gave anyone the right to vote no matter their race, religion, etc...
  15. What amendment banned poll taxes, literacy tests etc?
    The 24th ( xxiv ) amendment banned obstructions to voting
  16. What amendment gave women the right to vote?
    The 19th (xix) amendment gave women the right to vote
  17. What amendment lowered the national voting age to 18?
    The ( xxvi ) amendment lowered the national voting age to 18

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