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  1. Development Psychology
    thinking, feeling, and bahvior change as we develop

    -study from birth to death
  2. 3 questions for development psychologist
    - Nurture vs Nature?

    • -Continuity or Stages?
    • -continuous development or stage phase learning

    • - Stable or change?
    • - does development change or stabilizes?
  3. Maturation
    develoment governed by automatic, genetically predetermined signals
  4. Critical Period
    a small window in which specific types of learning shapes the capacity for future development
  5. 2 types of development psychologist
    - Cross sectional research

    -Longitudinal research
  6. (2 types of development psychologist) Cross sectional research
    research that measures individuals of various ages at one point in time
  7. (2 types of development psychologist) Longitudinal Research
    research that measures a single individual or group of same age for an extended period of time

    - gives info about age changes. different ideas.
  8. Pros and cons of Cross sectional research
    • Pros
    • - gives information about age differences
    • -quick
    • -less expensive
    • - typically larger sample
    • Cons
    • - Cohort effects are difficult to seperate
    • -restricted generalizability( measures behaviors at one point in time)
  9. Pros and cons of Longitudinal research
    • Pros
    • -Gived information about age changes
    • - increased reliability
    • - more in depth information per participant

    • Cons
    • - More expensive
    • - Time consuming
    • -restricted generalizability ( typically smaller sample and dropouts over time)
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