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  1. Chief information Officer (CIO)
    The title of the principal manager of the IT department. 411
  2. Chief technology officer (CTO)
    The head of the technology group. The CTO sorts through new ideas and products to identify those that are most relevant to the organization. The CTO's job requires deep knowledge of information technology and the ability to envision how new IT will affect the organization over time.411
  3. Could computing
    A form of hardware/software outsourcing in which organizations offer flexible plans for customers to lease hardware and software facilities. 432
  4. Data administration
    A staff function thta pertains to all of an organization's data assets. Typical data administration tasks are setting data standards, developing data policies, and providing for data security. 423
  5. Data dictionary
    A file or database that contains data definitions. 424
  6. Data standards
    Definitions, or metadata, for data items shared acrosss the organization. They describe the name, official definition, usage, relationship to other data items, processing restrictions, version, security code, format, and other features of data items that are shared across the organization. 423
  7. Database administration
    The management, development, operation, and maintenance of the database so as to achieve the organization's objectives. This staff function requires balancing conflicting goals: protecting the database while maximizing its availability for athorized use. In smaller organizations, this function usually is served by a single person. Larger organizations assign several people to an office of database administration. 423
  8. Enterprise application
    IS applications that span more than one department, such as some functional applications, as well as ERP, EAI, and SCM applications. 421
  9. Enterprise application intergration (EAI)
    The integration of existing systems by providing layes of software that connect applications and their data together.
  10. E-trash
    Computers and related devices that are no longer in use and are disposed of. E-trash is a problem becuase such devices contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment.
  11. Green computing
    Environmentally conscious computing consisting of three major components: power managment, virtualization, and e-waste management. 433
  12. Legacy informtion system
    An older system that has outdated technologies and techniques but it still used despite its age. 421
  13. Outsourcing
    The process of hiring another organization to perform a service. Outsourcing is done to save costs, to gain expertise, and to free up management time. 425
  14. Steering committee
    A gourp of senior managers from a company's major business functions that works with the CIO to set the IS priorities and decide among major IS projects and alternatives. 415
  15. Virtualization
    The process by which multiple operating systmes share the same computer hardware, usually a server. 432
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