ch, 6 Spanish

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  1. adivinar
    to guess
  2. bucear
    to skin dive or scuba dive
  3. buscar
    to look for
  4. cantar
    to sing
  5. creer
    to beleive
  6. dibujar
    to draw
  7. divertirse
    me diverto
    se divierte
    • to have fun
    • I have fun
    • you / he / she has fun
  8. escalar montañas
    to go mountain climbing
  9. hornear
    to bake
  10. ir de vacaciones
    to go on vacation
  11. necesitar
    to need
  12. obtener
    to obtain
  13. pagar
    to pay
  14. tratar de
    to try to
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