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  1. Fracture at distal end of 5th metacarpal resulting from direct blow of the closed fist against another object.
    • Boxer's Fracture
  2. Transverse fracture of the distal radius metaphysis with dorsal displacement of the distal fragment.
    • Colle's Fracture
  3. Fracture of distal radius with volar displacement.
    • Smith's Fracture
  4. Radial styloid fracture.
    • Hutchinson's Fracture
  5. Ulnar fracture (usually in proximal third) with radial head dislocation due to forced pronation of the forearm or direct blow over posterior aspect of the ulna.
    • Monteggia's Fracture
  6. Radial fracture usually located at the junction of the middle and distal thirds with subluxation of inferior radioulnar joint due to direct blow on dorsolateral wrist or from a fall.
    • Galeazzi's Fracture
  7. Forced radial abduction at the MCP with injury to the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb affected pincer function.
    • Gamekeeper's Thumb
  8. C1 fracture
    • Jefferson Fracture
  9. Bilateral C2 pedicle fracture
    • Hangman's Fracture
  10. Avulsion of spinous process of C6, C7 or T1
    • Clay-Shoveller's Fracture
  11. Fracture at base of 5th metatarsal
    • Jones Fracture

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