Organizational Chart Meanings

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  1. Noble Supreme Basileus
    The President of an organization or region
  2. Grammateus
    a clerk, scribe, secretary, and/or recorder. One who keeps the minutes.
  3. Supreme Anti-Basileus of Membership
    Leader on a National or Regional level who oversees Recruiting and Intake or the head of Membership.
  4. Tamias
  5. Tamias Grammateus
    Treasurer’s Secretary
  6. Supreme Anti-Basileus of Community & Political Outreach
    Leader on a National or Regional level who oversees political outreach and community volunteerism programs
  7. National Conclave Chairperson
    The person who oversees the organizing of the national conclave
  8. Supreme Anti-Basileus of Public Relations
    Leader on a National or Regional level who oversees the actions of a organization, in promoting between the organization and the public and/or community
  9. Jerveler
    Keeps up with fraternity events; takes pictures and gathers information to scrapbook certain events
  10. Supreme Anti-Basileus of Training & Leadership
    Vice President on a National or Regional who oversees training and leadership of an organization
  11. Phylacter
    Records attendance and keep track of the conduct of meetings
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