CH12 Respiratory Systerm Terminology

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  1. adenoid/ectomy
    removal of adenoids
  2. adenoid hyper/trophy
    excessive devel/enlargment of adenoids
  3. alveol/ar
    p/t avelous
  4. bronch/o/spasm
    involuntary contraction of muscle in walls of bronchial tubes
  5. bronch/iec/tasis
    dilation of bronchial tubes
  6. bronch/o/pleur/al
    p/t bronchial tube & pleaural cavity
  7. bronch/io/litis
    inflam of bronchiole
  8. hyper/cap/nia
    excessive O2 in the blood
  9. pneum/o/coni/osis
    abnrml cond of dust in lungs
  10. cyan/o/sis
    cond of bluish coloratin skin caused by decreased O2 in blood
  11. laryn/geal
    p/t larnyx (voice box)
  12. laryn/go/spasm
    contraction of muscle of larynx
  13. laryn/gitis
    inflam of larynx
  14. lob/ectomy
    removal of lobe of lungs
  15. media/stino/scopy
    visual exam of mediastinum
  16. para/nasal sinuses
    p/t spaces in skull near/along side of nose, nasal cav
  17. naso/gastric intubation
    tube place from nose into stomach
  18. ortho/pnea
    breathing discomfort
  19. hy/oxia
    decrease O2 in blood
  20. expect/o/ration
    exposion of mat'l; mucus/phlegm
  21. pharyn/geal
    p/t throat pharynx
  22. dysph/o/nia
    abnrml voice; hoarseness
  23. phrenic nerve
    nerve carries msg to brain to diaphragm
  24. pleur/o/dynia
    pain in pleural
  25. pleural effusion
    fluid collects in pleural cavity
  26. pneumo/thorax
    air w/in pleural cav surrounding lungs
  27. pneum/o/nectomy
    removal of lungs (or portion)
  28. pulmonary
    p/t lungs
  29. rhino/rrhea
    discharge from nose
  30. rhino/plasty
    surg. rpr of nose
  31. sino/sitis
    inflam of sinuses
  32. spiro/meter
    insturment to measure breathing taking in lungs & exhale
  33. expiration
    expulsion air from lungs
  34. respiration
    brfeathing (inspiration & expiration)
  35. ate/lect/asis
    incomplete expansion of lungs (or collapse)
  36. thorac/otomy
    incision of chest
  37. thorac/ic
    p/t chest
  38. tonsill/ectomy
    removal of tonsils
  39. trache/otomy
    incision of trachea
  40. tracheal stenosis
    p/t narrowing of trachea
  41. empy/ema
    pus in pleural cavity
  42. anos/mia
    abscence sense of smell
  43. ap/nea
    no breathing
  44. dys/pnea
    difficult breathing
  45. tachy/pnea
    increase rate of breathing; shallow respirations
  46. hemo/ptysis
    spitting up blood from lungs
  47. asphy/xia
    decrease amt of O2, increase amt Co2 in blood leading to abscense of pulse
  48. hemo/thorax
    blood in pleural cavity
  49. hyper/pnea
    increase depth of breathing
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