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  1. Oasis
    green areas fed by underground water
  2. sheikh
    The head of an Arab tribe
  3. Bedouins
    desert herders who lived in tents.
  4. caravan
    group of traveling merchants and animals
  5. Makkah (Mecca)
    the largest and richest merchant town in Arabia and an important religious site
  6. Kaaba
    a low square building surrounded by statues of gods and goddesses
  7. Muhammad
    Islams prophet
  8. Madinah
    the city of the propjet
  9. Quran
    the holy book of Islam
  10. Caliph
    successor to the Messenger of God
  11. Umayyad
    caliphs who ruled from AD 661 to AD 75
  12. Damascus
    city in Syria that was Umayyads capital
  13. Sufis
    people who spent their time praying and teaching Islam
  14. Timbuktu
    West African that became a leading center of Muslim learning
  15. Shiites
    the Muslims who believe that Ali should succeed Muhammad as caliph
  16. Sunnis
    the Muslims who believe that the Umayyad should succeed Muhammad as caliph
  17. Abbadids
    the dynasy that came after the Umayyads
  18. Baghdad
    new capital of the Abbasids near the Tigris River
  19. sultan
    the Seljuk ruler or "holder of power"
  20. Suleiman I
    the most famous of the sultans
  21. Moguls
    people who came from a Muslim empire in India. Muslim warriors
  22. Delhi
    the center of the Mogul empire
  23. Akbar
    the greatest Modul ruler
  24. Mosques
    Muslim houses of worship
  25. bazaar
  26. Mamun
    the abbasid caliph who founded the House of Widom in Baghdad
  27. al-Razi
    Muslim chemist who developed a system for categorizing substances as animal, mineral or vegetable
  28. Ibn Sina
    Persian doctor who showed how diseases spread from person to person
  29. Omar Khayyam
    Persan poet
  30. Ibn Khaldun
    Muslim historian
  31. minarets
    towers on a mosque. the towerst the crier calls prayer from
  32. crier
    an announcer that calls believers to prayer five times day
  33. Granada
    a city in Spain where the most famous Muslim palace is
  34. Agra
    a city in India that has another famous Muslim building.
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