psych cognitive development

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  1. Schemas
    -most basic way we think

    -structures or patterns consisting of number of organized ideas that grow and differentiate with experience
  2. How do schemas grow?
    Assimilation and Accomodation
  3. (Schemas) Assimiation
    process of absorbing new info into existing schemas
  4. (schemas) Accomodation
    process of adjusting old schemas or develop new ones to better fit with new
  5. Piagets 4 stages of cognitive development
    -Sensorimotor stage (birth to age 2)

    -Preoperational stage (2 to 7)

    -Concrete operational stage (7 to 11)

    -Formal operational stage (11 and over)
  6. (Piagets 4 stages) Sensorimotor stage
    -birth to age 2

    • -abilities: uses senses and motor skills to explore and develop cognitively
    • -Limits: beginning of stage object permanence
    • -things continue to exist even if they are not seen
  7. (Piagets 4 stages) Preoperational stage
    - ages 2 to 7

    Abilities: has significant language and thinks symbolically

    • Limits: -Cannot perform "operations"
    • - egocentric thinking ( unable to consider another persons point of view)
    • - animistic thinking (believes all things are living)
  8. (Piagets 4 stages) Concrete operational stage
    - ages 7 to 11

    • Abilities: -can perform operations on concrete objects
    • - understands conversation

    Limits: cannot think abstractly and hypotheticaly
  9. (Piagets 4 stages) Formal operational stage
    - ages 11 and over

    Abilities: can think abstractly and hypothetically

    Limits: adolescent egocentrism at the beginning of this stage

    -personal fable and imaginary audience
  10. Personal fable
    nothing will happen to you. Impervius to any danger
  11. imaginary audience
    -everyone looks at you, center of attention
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