psych-S. Freud

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  1. how did Freud explore the unconscious?
    psychoanalysis, dream analysis and hypnosis.
  2. what is psychoanalysis?
    people are encouraged to talk about anything that pops in their minds.
  3. what is dream analysis?
    people experience unconscious through their ddreams. he would help people analyze those dreams
  4. what is Id?
    demands pleasure through instant gratification. pays no attention to law, social customs or needs of other. Pleasure principle.
  5. where is the Id present at?
  6. What is the ego?
    stands for reason and good sense. guided by the reality principle. acts as the mediator between Id and Superego
  7. what is superego?
    guided through moral principle. Superego acts as the conscience and floods the ego with feelings of guilt and shame when something is done wrong through the eyes of the society.
  8. what are defense mechanisms?
    methods the ego uses to avoid recognizing ideas or emothions that may cause personal anxiety.
  9. repression?
    removes anxiety causing ideas from conscious awareness by pushing them into the unconscious.

    example: what boyfriend? i had non.
  10. Rationalization?
    the use of self deception to justify unacceptable beahaviors or ideas.

    example: i only cheated on a couple of questions. i knew most of the material.
  11. regression?
    when a person returns back to a behavior characterized of an earlier stage development.

    ex: me always acting like i'm 5 with my lil sister.
  12. projection?
    people deal with unacceptable impulses by projecting these outward onto other people.

    ex: me failing my quiz, i aggresively make donna study more.
  13. reaction formation?
    act of contrary to their genuine feelings in order to keep true feelings hidden.

    ex: my behavior with L.B.
  14. denial
    a person refuses to accept the reality of anything that is bad or upsetting.

    ex: no, we're not getting a foreclosure.
  15. sublimation?
    individuals can channel their basic impulses into socially acceptable behavior.

    ex: serial killer -> surgeon.
  16. what is the oral stage?
    pleasure through the mouth. usually in the first year of life.

    babies put everything in their mouth.
  17. anal stage?
    children learn that they can control their own bodily functions. Self control may become vital.
  18. phallic stage?
    young girls/boys discover the physical differences between two sexes. Children may start to develop strong attachments towards a certain type of parent. (age 3)
  19. Latency statge?
    age of 5 and six. children would have reatreat from conflict from parents and they would enter the latent stage where they would hide their impulses and emotions/unconscious.
  20. genital stage?
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