psych chapter 10

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  1. attachment
    strong affectional bond with special others that endures over time.
  2. Erik Ericssons 8 psychosocial stages
    Stage 1: Trust vs mistrust

    Stage 2: Autonomy vs Shame and doubt

    Stage 3: Iniative vs Guilt

    Stage 4: Industry vs Inferiority

    Stage 5: Identity vs Role confusion

    Stage 6: Intimacy vs Isolation

    Stage 7: Generativity vs Stagnation

    Stage 8: Ego integrity vs Despair
  3. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 1: Trust vs Mistrust
    - birth to age 1

    - are their needs met? (food, attention, and safety)

    If not... Baby withdrawal
  4. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 2: Autonomy vs Shame and doubt
    - ages 1- 3

    -start to assert the sense of independency ( running around the store)

    if not... shame and doubt oneself.
  5. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 3: Iniatitive vs Guilt
    -ages 3-6

    -learns how to initiate activities and develop self esteem/confidence.

    if not...feel irresponsible, anxious, and guilty
  6. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 4: Industry vs Inferiority
    -ages 6-12

    - children who succeed in learning new skills develop sense of pride

    if not...feel inferior to others.
  7. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 5: identity vs role confusion
    -ages 12-20

    -develops coherent and stable identity

    if not... identity crisis happens
  8. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 6: Intimacy vs isolation (young adulthood)
    young adults form lasting meaningful relationships, sense of connectedness

    if not... they become psycholoically isolated
  9. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 7: Generativity vs Stagnation
    -middle adulthood

    -challenge for middle aged adults is to be nurtrant for younger generation

    if not... leads to self-indulgence and stagnation
  10. (Erik Ericssons 8 stages) Stage 8: Ego integrity vs Despair
    - late adulthood

    - reminicing their lives. If successful= self acceptance and satisfaction occurs

    if not...experiences regret and deep dissatisfaction
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