Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

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  1. tell on

    Ex: I know all about your other lady Fred! Your friend Martin told on you.
  2. catch somebody out
    you find evidence to show that they have secretly been doing something wrong or bad.

    Ex: George had successfully cheated in quite a few exams, but the examiner finally caught him out when some notes fell out of his sleeve and onto the floor.
  3. face up to something
    you accept the existence of a difficult situation

    Ex: Jane, it's time to face up to your son's behavioural problems and get him the help he needs.
  4. take somebody back
    to re-start a romantic relationship that you had previously decided to end because of a problem in the relationship

    Ex: Pauline had accepted that her husband was occasionally unfaithful, but when he became violent, she threw him out and refused to take him back.
  5. give up on something or somebody
    stop trying to achieve something, usually because you have tried and failed in the past, or because it is too difficult.

    Ex: I have asked him so many times to arrive on time, but he is still at least 30 minutes late every morning. I give up on him!
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